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Is Xiaomi doing justice with India?

Written by bheru lal gaderi

So we all have been aware of the strategy of Xiaomi in India. Every one till mid of 2016 used to assume that Xiaomi will bring this product, will produce that product. But recently everyone understood their Strategy that they would be bringing only some sorted out products in India. This makes the users quite angry by not launching the phones which are really in demand.


Let us have a look at what Xiaomi did in the past with its first launch and then subsequent launches and events.

Brief history of Xiaomi’s actions in India

So for the first launch, the Xiaomi Mi3, they did a great job by making the people of India amaze the price and specifications of the handset. At that time the phone had excellent specifications for the amount the phone was being offered. This launched the device to see the replay of Indian customers towards a new brand emerging from China.

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Mi3 was a pure success, and the short availability of the device made flash sales famous in India. The availability also played a great role in the promotion of the device, in general talk with different people.

Redmi 3 and Redmi Note 3


After Mi3 was discontinued, they launched the Redmi 3 and Redmi Note 3 which also was available in kind of restricted way. This again played with the flow, and made Xiaomi famous and in demand.

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But with the launch of old devices as if we remember Xiaomi Mi3 was a year and half old device in China when it came here in India. Even when the Mi3 began in India the next flagship of Xiaomi, the Mi4 was launched in China. This was not noticed at first by the fans, but later when Xiaomi started to launch the devices after a year of the device being launched in China, fans began to become angry and kept on asking the officials for a reply.


With the launch of MI5, the company again hiked the pricing and made the Xiaomi’s claim of launching affordable phones at a low price false. Till now with Xiaomi Mi3, Xiaomi Redmi 3, Redmi Note 3 and other devices launched till now, made the company shine in the eyes of their fans.

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What is the wrong move by Xiaomi

Xiaomi launches more than 15 mobile handsets a year. But in India, we just get around 4 or a maximum of 5 devices a year. This is kind of the wrong move by Xiaomi. If you remember it had a case with Ericson wherein they were not allowed to launch their handsets featuring MediaTek chipsets in India. This also somewhere restricted the movement of Xiaomi.

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It never took India as their priority to launch products here. Most of the products which we saw here in the market were out dated. The Mi5 which we saw in India was just the base model, and we never saw the top-end model of Mi5 coming to India.

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So is Xiaomi doing justice with Indian Customers

Xiaomi till now has been launching only the selected devices in India. These devices are usually out dated and already have a successor to it launched or are launching in the next month. Let us take the example of their budget series of devices the Redmi-series. Last year in November we saw the Redmi 4 launching in China. But in India, it took around six months to get launched in India. By that time it launched a successor to Redmi 4, and it will again take another six months to launch in India.

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Redmi 4


Last year in November we saw the Redmi 4 launching in China. But in India, it took around six months to get launched in India. By that time it launched a successor to Redmi 4, and it will again take another six months to launch in India.

People are aware of the fact, but people are still getting the same device like a hot cake because they get value for those devices. This does play in the wrong way, despite having a separate assembly field now in India still they are launching the phones which are delayed in India by a huge margin.

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Xiaomi not launching products a good move?


We have been looking at Xiaomi’s strategy to launch only some phones in India, but the devices such as Xiaomi Mi4c which was a great product never made its way to India, and this also resulted into no Flagship in India for a year. Although China had the Mi Note and the Mi Note Pro to be called as Flagship, India was never introduced with one. this made it wrong when they forgot about launching the Mi Note-series in India.

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MIUI Upgrades not the Android Update

Another thing which Xiaomi play is with the update, it is a growing company, and they must provide timely updates for Android versions, but due to their dark UI, they take time for the same. As we all know the devices in India come with a delayed launch time of anywhere between 6 months to 12 months which makes the hardware old, and incompatible for the updates of next year.

Old Android Version

Hence the people of China do get two major updates, but in India usually, there is only a single major update of Android scheduled. Then Xiaomi fools the people and cop-up with the issue by making a newer version of MIUI which have the features of the latest Android but are still based on the same old architecture of either KitKat or Lollipop.

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Recently most of the devices are running Marshmallow which was launched in 2016 in China. There are hopes for some devices to leap Nougat, but after Nougat there is rarely any chance for any update on the software front and will be getting just the regular software updates based on MIUI upgrades.

Xiaomi with this strategy will not be becoming the largest in India but will continue to function till we get another company taking the initiative to solve the issues of availability and Android updates with having the latest of deal breaking specifications. As we know perfection is a thing which is rarely found in people, and in an organization is difficult. So we will keep on getting products from Xiaomi which are old, and with minor updates.

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What do you think about the strategy of Xiaomi? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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