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Will Airtel and Idea force to stop due to JIO?

Airtel and Idea
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Airtel and Idea and even other operators until the end of 2015 were having a lively going session with their customers. Idea and Airtel ruled the telecom market, where business professionals and people who needed reliable service went with these two. Individuals who needed some good offers in data and voice worked with operators such as Vodafone, Aircel, and other such operators who didn’t have a large customer base.

Airtel and Idea

Earlier the rates for around 500 mins of calling National and local used to be around 399 INR while unlimited calling plans from Reliance used to be at around 499 INR which was great at that time. Airtel and Idea had the same unlimited calling plan at a higher rental of 699 INR.  These rentals also promised excellent services and used to come with around 1 GB to 5 GB of bundled data.

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Data plans were costing at 1 GB for 200 INR which was for 3G or 4G plans for Airtel and Idea, while other operators used to have around 150 – 180 INR for 1 GB which was also cost effective for most of the part. Airtel & Idea, and Reliance at 3rd number had one of the best coverage all over the world.

One of the best services were from BSNL, and people used to compare the 3G speed of other operators with BSNL because they were the best regarding pan India coverage and had a great pricing structure which made other operators dumbstruck. BSNL had some great plans for 3G and Voice combo.

When JIO started to intercept in the market from 2015, Airtel and Idea and other brands began to look forward to the next strategy of JIO so that they can make way for their plans. For the first one year, JIO made its services free, and most of the customers of Airtel and Idea moved to JIO as their primary calling and data sim, while the main number was just being used to receive calls which had that number from starting

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Airtel and Idea at first tried to stop JIO from giving the free calling which actually affected all the telecom operators.  They didn’t give a sufficient number of ports to JIO to patch the VoLTE call to the regular network. This resulted in call drops, and issues of Line busy and many other such matters with JIO which indirectly made JIO unreliable in the views of people. After a while when TRAI made it clear Airtel and Idea were forced to provide the required number of ports to JIO for patching the call.

Now the company also started to compete with JIO by giving offers to the existing customers by giving them free data for a said amount of month, and other services in benefit to JIO. Telecom operators like Tata Docomo, Reliance, Aircel, BSNL, Airtel, Idea, all came up with their plans to tackle the situation with JIO and to retain their customers.

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Let us have a brief look at the plans which these companies are offering so we can discuss further.

Airtel and Idea


They are offering a 4G double data offer for both old and new prepaid customers; this is a side effect of JIO. This plan gives binary data on their existing data allowance. While their plans are still costly, and at most, they are not able to survive with this plan, and are seeing a huge drop in customer base after JIO.


They did quite well job by proving a huge amount of 5 GB Data daily, although BSNL is still 3G we used to talk about the speeds which BSNL can provide hence this 5 GB of data daily can be beneficial and a great deal at just 548 INR. Another thing to notice is that this plan has a validity of 90 days which makes the plan a steal for the price.


Airtel offered a couple of plans to the prepaid users currently they are also offering 30 GB of 4G data and subsequently unlimited data at reduced speed for almost the same price as JIO at 359 INR. They are also giving some interesting deals to their postpaid customers with the Airtel Postpaid promise.

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All the operators had some or the other same plan, and with the strategy not to break JIO’s plans but to survive with the JIO effect of losing customers.

Earlier these telecom industry were able to make a good profit, but all these profits are just marginal as of now and at most of the places almost 0, because for most of the part currently. JIO are providing offers to break the customer base of these telecom operators and can do the same with a huge margin. With JIO coming into the play, many industry top companies are planning to merge with Airtel already joined with Telenor’s India unit. This collaboration made the market share of Airtel to rise to 35.6%.

Airtel and Idea had been in talks from a great duration about the merging of the companies into a single company, and it seems they are going to make it soon. Another small business known as Aircel is merging with the top of the industry currently, the Reliance JIO. This makes many different companies dilute into the flow.

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So as far as we see, we can just see JIO with their huge plans. All small operators who used to have some great offering for the customer to have a good client base have already merged into some or the other brands.

Only five different major brands are there in Telecom industry currently which are:

  • Reliance JIO
  • Reliance
  • Airtel
  • Idea

Now the question comes if Airtel and Idea also live up to the expectations of people and can make its way to the shores once the flow of JIO is over. This is a tricky situation, and they are playing in the industry for a long time, they can make up to the shores if they keep getting new plans to tackle with the flow, and give their customers some exciting offers. What do you think about the same? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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