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Your Trip will make fun with All-Weather Gadgets – 

Are you going out of town? Then you may have to face many problems. With the help of some Gismos(Gadgets), you can make Trip a fun one.

If you go to different places in connection with work, then music players or books will also accompany you along. Some people carry the camera with them. But some gadgets can get spoiled by soil and water. Now there are many phones, cameras and audio players coming into the market which are water registrants or waterproof. So if you are planning to go out, do not forget to take some devices with you-

Samsung Galaxy S9


This Gadgets can be considered as the best one-handed phone. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has the latest LTE bands and a great low-light camera. All this comes in a small form Factor. Both its looking and performance are great. This is IP 68 Certified Water Registry. If you are interested in taking instant photos, this phone can be very useful to you.

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Fit bit Versa


Fit bit Versa offers a mix of smartwatch and fitness tracking features in the right price. It is waterproof for 50 meters, that is, you can wear it easily and go for a bridge or shower. In this, you get personalized workout assistants. It offers customized clock-face, connected GPS, and multi-day battery life.

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These travel-friendly wireless earphones offer high-quality audio. It is quite comfortable, safe and designer. Its earpieces are water registrants. The use of them does not even sweat. It is so small that you can fit them even inside the helmet. This is perfect for exercise and poolside lounging.

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GoPro Hero6 Black


Hero 6 Black has a new image processor and GP1 chip. This gives you slow motion video options. It gives a maximum of ’40’ frame rate of 60 fps. It contains effective video stabilization.

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JBL Charge 3


This is an outdoor-friendly portable Bluetooth speaker. This gives better bass punches. Its battery offers playback up to 20 hours. It comes with IPX 7 rated water-resistant shell.

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Amazon Kindle Oasis


Amazon Kindle Oasis is a waterproof e-book reader. It is designed to work better in every situation. You can also take it in the water while dipping it in the water tub. You can also use it during the bath. During the reading, its screen should be dry, because water can have an impact on touch response. With this help, you can easily read your favorite e-books anytime, anywhere.

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