Water Management System in Rabi crops

Water Management
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Water management is essential for the crop at the right time in the right quantity and the right way to water. No need to water as needed and at the appropriate time on the water than on the land’s physical condition worsens and produces low returns.

The importance and availability of Water

Water, Sea World in 75%, 15% in the rivers, 6% as mountains ice, 4% of underground water reserves. 95% working of irrigation depend on underground water system. Therefore groundwater, saving water is to increase production by utilizing irrigation in the rabi crops. Water is an important input in agricultural production. This photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration, nutrient transfer, and use of mineral elements that affect the value of cell division. Both excess and shortage of water affects plant growth, yield and production quality are affected thereby. Thats why Water management is essential for us

Water management can be divided into two main parts

  1. Increase soil water storage capacity(Water Management)
  2. Increasing water use efficiency in crops(Water Management)


  1. Increase soil water storage capacity(Water Management)

Crops by irrigation or rain water given by the maximum and long-term storage and to hold soil water storage is called.

A: – Land leveling

Keep leveling the field and give the date by which the light shield will look irrigation accessories, irrigation and soil erosion also will not take less time in the field, said the water will be left unstable Said the water did not reach, Therefore, where water will be full rate of the crop turning yellow, and where there are no water supply of the rate of drying of the crop remains,

B: – Contour linear Ridge Farms

Linear contour ridges for a long hillside farms and each part should be tied up by the farm to stop soil erosion control will be preserved along with more soil water. It will be used by the parallel ridges harvest more should be made at the proper distance; it can also be utilized especially in irrigation for kharif crops.

C: – Deep plowing of the fields

As far as possible in the summer Dar pan (Tvedar) Harold M. B. Deep plowing of fields must Plough. If kharif, rabi crop fields to be kept Pdt at proper moisture and keep plowing Sheriff plowing after each use PATA, the weed is Knowing, brethren destroyed. The beneficial effect of the rabi crop germination and plant growth is good!

D: – Use of organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers such as manure, compost and vermicompost before using the kharif crops. When to use it in the Rabi crops during plow, sowing approximately 20 – 25 days prior to the experiment and got along fine, and give land plowing, the use of organic fertilizer to the soil physical, chemical and biological conditions improve. The land,  amount of available water can be stored for a long time.

E:- Adopt appropriate irrigation method

Most agricultural crops in the traditional way in fields directly into the water, which is the uneven distribution of water, as well as requiring more water and irrigation is a time consuming and often leads to the problem of salinity Selection of irrigation methods mainly water availability, soil type, crop and reasons must be in keeping.

The availability of adequate water

Border or made, to bar basin irrigation method, 5-8 liters wide canal system and the length of the slope and Beds by 80% to irrigation water be filled with water, then we should cancel the remaining 20% in bed will be filled automatically. Doing so will save water

If insufficient water

Sprinkler, Drip Micro irrigation letting the drops less irrigation water is taken from the maximum output.

2:- Increasing water use efficiency in crops(Water Management)

Currently, more yields per unit of water is an important aspect to increase water use efficiency of crops of different crop coordinated actions should be used.

A:- Choosing crops

According to the selection of crops to climate and including water availability, water demand varies for different crops. Therefore, according to the available water & harvest his crop demand is highly advantageous to choose – such as canal water demanding crops in nearby fields, sugar cane, wheat and vegetables and work in the fields of water demand crops mustard, gram, linseed, etc. take crops

B:- High yielding variety sown

Like various crops of the same crop water demand of different varieties may be different, which one has the water efficiently advanced uses, Different crops in different varieties of the same crop in the same way as water demand may also be different. Which one has advanced uses water efficiently, Select areas based on old varieties of short term as well as varieties resistant to diseases and including kit should also be.

c:- Field preparation

Kharif crops quickly moved from farms into a barn and was immediately repudiated and give prompt plowing necessary, and, if possible, be protected from moisture, sowing the seeds sown in the night In the evening, or it will receive more moisture and germination will be good

D: – Timely sowing

As far as possible, crops planted at the right time, it would be cool to use moisture reserves inflated by crop, As at the time of the outbreak is not Moyla mustard sown, Germination is also good

E: – Balanced fertilizer use

Balanced use of fertilizers extracts from plants yield will increase with the increase in water use Consequently fertilizer to help increase water use efficiency, soil analysis must be made, and must also use the lack of micro elements,

F: – Keep control weeds

The most direct and indirect losses to crops weed arrive the available water & nutrients to crops do not let the humor elements. So make sure to control time by proper methods.

G:-  Weeds by moisture protection (in situ mulching)

Control weeds by hoeing, if possible, if weeding-. After irrigation, ground water from hoeing the ground is working at a feverish fly. Because the upper layer by capillary action from the breakdown are reduced. Weeding- left the weeds by hoeing thrown out of the farm.

Water Management important

If their flowers are not made, then spread them between rows of crop May the. It will work the mulch. And will help conserve moisture. Later spells of rotting organic soil also helps to increase.

Water Management important to us not only in agriculture but in our life also so please save every drop of water

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