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Voice Assistants

Voice Asistants
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Nowadays every person wants his work to be completed immediately without any hassle. This is the reason that you can consider Voice Assistants a great boon of technology. With the help of a Voice Assistants, you can easily complete many types of work.


Timer and alarm settings

Voice Assistants

We do the work of setting the alarm every day. This work can be done easily with the help of a  Voice Assistants. With  Voice Assistants, you can also just tell the alarm to cancel or change the alarm at certain times. To change the alarm you will have to say – Change my 8 AM alarm to 9 AM.

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Know the weather

Voice Assitants


To know updates about weather, you can ask different things from your  Voice Assistants. You can know about outdoor temperature. With this, you can know what the weather will be like at some particular place. For example, you have to say, what will be whether in Mumbai on Monday?

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Default option

Voice Assistants

Speaking of smartphones, there are three main operating systems – IOS, Android, Windows Mobile. Each of them has their own  Voice Assistants. There is Google Now on Android. The iOS is Siri and Windows Mobile is Cortana. However, this is not limited to just the smartphone. Computers have also started to use them. Each of these  Voice Assistants makes big claims, but the truth is that the three work best. The more you use the voice assistant, the more they will improve. Over the time,  Voice Assistants will understand your tone and needs better. If you want a next-generation  Voice Assistants, then this is available on Google pixel phones.

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Calling Listed Contacts

Voice Assistants

You do not need to search for a particular name in your contact list. Go to a  Voice Assistants for this. By calling a call, speak the name of that person. Assistant will call immediately. If there are many people with the same name then it will confirm the contact with you. You can also set up a contact with the relation and then call with the help of a  Voice Assistants. For example, you might say that Call to Dad or Call My Sister.

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Control phone

Voice Assistants

The normal task of a  Voice Assistants is to open the installed app on your smartphone. It is very easy. Just say open than told name of that app you want open. Apart from this, you can also turn on and off Wi-Fi, data, airplane mode. You can use it to toggle the second settings. In some devices, you can capture photos in the camera app with its help.

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Voice Assistants

Just take help of a Voice Assistants while you are traveling. You can find walking and driving directions to reach your destination. now get information about your nearest restaurant, bank. If there is a lot of stuff in your hand at the airport, then you can know the status of your flight from a Voice Assistants.

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Has become bored

Voice Assistants

If you want a fun, then Voice Assistants can prove to be great for you. You can ask for a joke or ask a fun question. Programmers keep adding fun stories to it constantly.

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Search with Voice Assistants

Voice Assistants

Voice Assistant by default gives full access to your phone’s content and the internet.  Search an email with a specific keyword, and open the browser even if you want to. Search or post on the social network with the help of your voice,  know the definition of a word and solve also math problems with the help of a Voice Assistants. You can do many things related to search on the internet with your help.

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Hands-free music control

Voice Asistants

You can control multimedia playback using Voice Assistants. But decide whether you are using the default or competitive apps. with it, you can also search for Basic Tasks such as Play, Pause, Stop, Skip, Next Trek. You can play special tracks from your playlist. You can also ask for detailed information about any of the songs. Hands-free music, you can use a Voice Assistants with a great way to control.

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