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Voice Assitent
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Hey, guys, today i’ll share some information about Google Voice Assistant which works with voice search  .so let me tell you first what voice search is on android.

Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant is a virtual personal assistant free of cost.the voice search on android developed by google and very helpful day-to-day life and it’s available for every smartphone which powered by android samsung, htc, lenovo, xiaomi, oppo, etc. But what makes it awesome? how to use it? what are the feature of google voice search?.i’ll tell you but first, let us know how it developed.

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History of google voice assistant:

Google Voice Assistant was launch during the google’s developer conference on may 18 was designed to make android smartphone user’s life was launched by google’s current ceo sundar was designed by ryan gimmick which was hired from pixar animator emma coast to make it for easier and simple to use.

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The name kept as Voice Assistant.this feature could be used once you set up your voice .then it could be activated by just saying”ok google” then you can ask whatever you want to ask.everybody know google have every information on the universe.

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What makes Voice Assistant so awesome?

The thing which makes it awesome is its efficient use.people can use it in their day-to-day supports over 40 languages around the world[english, hindi, japanese, danish, dutch, hebrew, italian, etc. So isn’t it so cool that even the people who only know their native language can also make the use of google voice is trying so hard to make the voice search intelligent so that it can talk to people like ai[artificial intelligent].a situation like you are eating and don’t want to touch you messy hands on your smartphone.but still, with the help of Voice Assistant, you can easily use the not it so awesome?

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How to use it?

Its way is easier to use it.first of all you have to set your voice to use the software. Then you just have to say “ok google” and the voice search will be can search or run as you wish without even touching your smartphone.

Example: how many planets are in the earth?

And it will bring you the result you don’t even have to read it the Voice Assistant will recite for you.but you need be specific what you want then only it can give you what

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You exactly searched for.

What are the feature of google voice search:

Voice Assistant

There are many features of google voice search like setting the alarm, calling, messaging, etc. And i’ll instruct you how to use it.

  1. It can set up alarm for your morning exercise just you have to say”set the alarm tomorrow 6:00 am” and Google Voice Assistant will set the alarm for you without even touching the phone
  2. You can call someone just you have to say”call and the name of the person you want to call[example call jason now]” isn’t it so easy?
  3. These can message someone easily just you have to say”text the name of the person and the message you want to give them[example text john.bring some milk while coming home].and the message is sent.
  4. you can even search the way through maps you just have to say”the place you have to go'[example navigate me to the central palace station and eta]

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search for the internet connectivity example

Voice Assistant

  1. 1.100 dollars to inr and google will give you the result as [ 100 dollars = 6475 rupees inr] you can even try different currency
  2. What is the name of paul walker in the movie fast and furious and google will give the result as [brian o’connor] you can try any other actor’s name
  3. how many states are in india, and the google will give you the result as [29 states]
  4. who is the ceo of google, and it will give the result as[sundar pichai]google know many ceo’s of

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You can even ask about current affair around the world example

Voice Assistant

  1. who is the current prime minister of india?and it will show the result instantly[narender modi]
  2. what is happening in syria?[war is going on in syria for over six years, and more than 5 million people have died]
  3. what is the time in canada?[it will show what time will you search]you can try different place]

And every time google voice search won’t disappoint will show you what you exactly want this is the specialty of it.

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However, it also has some disadvantage:

  1. requires a lot of memory to store a dictionary of many languages and voice search it’s not memory friendly have to download dictionary of the language you want, and dictionary takes a lot more space in memory space.
  2. Difficult to use in public places[the Voice Assistant must be used in quite a place to use it .if you are in public place like a park or anywhere else.the other noise will interrupt your search and will confuse the it is the biggest disadvantage for voice assistant users, and the companies are trying hard to solve this problem, and I think this would be solved soon enough].
  3. setting up[for using the Voice Assistant you have to set up your voice and for setting it up you need to find a silent place and each person who want to use the feature have set up their voice to use the feature]

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No more typing

Voice Assistant

The people who don’t have time to type can use this to feature to type long paragraph what they will be turned into words on their a lot of time could be saved.this feature was mainly developed for the time-saving purpose.and yes it is saving a lot of time for many people.and it is trying to more accurate and more advance so that it will be easier for people to use.the people who are handicap.who have lost their is most useful for them.who can use their smartphone without any hesitation.

And future of the Voice Assistant help is bright we will get the artificial intelligence that will smarter and faster than today’s technology

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That’s all guys i think this article will help you a lot.

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