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Alternative Treatment of Viral Diseases of Livestocks

Viral Diseases of Livestocks
Written by bheru lal gaderi

In field generally following Viral Diseases are found, FMD, Peste despetits, Sheep pox, Cowpox, Distemper, Parvoviral enteritis, Bluetongue. The symptoms of the above diseases in the different animals are more or less same also the organ affected by these infections are almost same. So based on symptoms a general line of treatment has been tried by me on several livestock infields and got a marvelous result. The specialty of this treatment is that it is very cheap, locally available free from any side effects.

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Treatment of Cattle in Viral Diseases:-

  1. Make a paste of Haldi(Turmeric) powder, Honey, Neem leaves, Garlic, ginger, Onion, Papita or papaya ( 50gm each for one day), feed bid for 5 days.
  2. Glycerin -7ml+13ml distilled water mixed thoroughly, 10ml i/m at two sites.

Benzathine penicillin – 48 lakhs iu- i/m
Repeat same treatment after 48 hours for 3 times.
Advice to avoid any drenching.

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Feed 1. Approx 25gm paste bid Then Each 2ml of the above solution of glycerin and distilled water and benzathine Penicillin i/m.
Repeat same treatment once after 48 hours for 3 times.

To relieve the post symptoms in Canine Distemper recovered dogs:-

Advice paste of 10 leaves of Tulasi (Ocimum sanctum) with sweet and 1 multi-vitamin tablet for 30 days NB. I have personally applied this nuskha (formula) on different livestock in around the Jharkhand and got a very good result. Livestock farmers are requested to apply this nuskha (formula) and give your feedback so that it can b used for wider coverage.


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