5 Most Popular Traditional Games of India

Traditional Games
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India is a country which carries lots of ancient tradition, cultures as games also. However, among them, the game is the main part of Indian culture that has a priority as always. Games like Dice, Chess, etc. are very much popular until the times of Mughal Dynasty in our country. From the ancient time of India, it has seemed that traditional games of India played an important role in whole Mythology and History. Here in this topic, we are going to discuss the top 5 traditional games of India which are still favorite to all of us.

Traditional Games

Now a day most of us used to play the videos games, Play Station games, Smartphone games, etc. by forgetting the old traditional games of India. However, these modern games do not take the place of those old traditional games ever. With the help of this topic, we want to aware everybody that to maintain our old tradition it is important to continue to play those old games also. You all must remember that the times when we always wait after the school to start playing Kith-Kith, GiliDanda, etc. with our friends. In this topic, we will start to recall those traditional games, to play in our free time.

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List of 5 Traditional Games of India:-

Traditional games are remaining favorite to all of us from ancient times until now. Depending on this, we will discuss the detail of the top 5 traditional games of India. All these below discussed games can play alone, and you need to make a group with your friends to play. Without taking more time, let us have a look on the list of 5 traditional games of India from the points given below.


Traditional Games

Hope most of us know about this popular game named as Gilli-Danda. To play this game, we require two nos. of sticks. The smaller sticks were known as ‘Gilli’ and the bigger one called ‘Danda.’When you play this game, as a player, you need to hit the ‘Gilli’ with the help of ‘Danda’ by raising the end of Gilli when it flips on air. Hit the Gilli as far as possible while it rises into the air. After hitting the Gilli, you need to run and touch the Pre-centered point present outside of the line before the opponent is retrieved the Gilli.

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Traditional Games

Kho-Kho is an old traditional game in India. Most of the school students like to play this game in the off period. In this game, two teams you need to create. In the middle of the game court, one team will sit in knee down position in a row. The members in the row will face opposite direction to each other. Now the team will need to tag or touch the opponents in the shortest time in the field to win.

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Traditional Games

Another popular game among the five traditional games of India is Kancha. In early time, children from the neighbors used to play this game. The main thing you need to play this game is ‘marbles’ which is known as Kancha. You will get one opponent target marble which you need to hit by using another marble from a perfect distance. If you are a winner, then you can able to take the opponent marble easily.

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Traditional Games

To play Kith Kith you need to have a plain surface and white chalk to draw the block. It is also a popular game for the players in which toss is to apply at first. Now number the spaces or the blocks drawn in the ground in a rectangular pattern. One small object is to be placed in the block and jump or hop through the space to retrieve that small object. It is a game while is popular whole over the country in general.

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Traditional Games

In India, another popular game among the peoples of Shillong and Assam is Teer. Almost all the peoples of that places love to play this game for passion and fun too. To play this game, you need to have one table, chairs, a pen and paper for proper game accommodation. You will find out many Teer counter in that places where some numbers are written in a board with chalk and hanging outside.

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That is all about the top 5 traditional games of India which peoples love to play as always. Always these games will remain famous in our mind as the trend is until now continuing from the ancient time. If you also love to play these games then must try them once with your friends or neighbors according to your choice. Besides these above-listed games, there are many other traditional games available for us until now in India to play. Hope this topic about the traditional games of India provides you the proper information, which you need generally.

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