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Top Tech Trends That will Change Your Life in 2017

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Written by bheru lal gaderi

Some Tech Trends really change our lifestyle; something like this is going to happen in 2017. Changes in technology will see soon. Which make life easier and will force to think everyone? Let’s know about those Tech Trends.

Tech Trends Change The Way of Living

Tech Trends

No one can give precise details of the future, we can only guess about the future by looking at present.  Strategy farm Frog has recently released a list of Technology which can bring a big change for 2017, it will be interesting to see how technology comes with changes in the world.

The use of Solar Power in buildings

Tech Trends

The biggest change coming up in the world that now people depend rather than the fossil energy, they are looking for the use of alternative energy. Now in Big office building solar power is being used for energy needs, the exciting thing is that you are fulfill your own energy needs.use of solar power in buildings will be a life clanging tech trends.

Autonomous vehicles will be even smarter

Tech Trends

Tesla and Uber is working in the direction of autonomous vehicles. Soon autonomous vehicle will using commercially. Cars will use the accurate technology for contact to each other. This will reduce the chance of accident.

The exact Medicine, the Doctor will have huge data

Tech Trends

In future medical record of every person will different facility between uniforms and be digital completely. This will help to give exact medicine to patients. The doctor will be able to reach a conclusion with the help of local data. Doctors will know such as water quality in your area with the help of your Zip code Numbers. The doctors will not treatment just base on symptoms, rather than they will reach the source of the disease.

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Sound wills you’re Command

Tech Trends

Sound can be very useful in the future. An iPad app manually from the selection options rather than to control your cooking device in your kitchen will speak directly to the command and your work will be done. Companies like “Here On” already trying to personalize the people’s sonic experience,

Machine Learning will teach us

Tech Trends

According to Senior Frog Strategist Rebecca Bloom, Machines will teach us about the many ways. The algorithm takes to write paragraph itself that we can learn creativity writing. Scientists will continue to receive consistent information about the brain, how a complex neural network updates stores. By this we will learn many new things.

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Smart will smart assistant

Tech Trends

This year, Apple Siri, Google Assistant and Microsoft cortana virtual smart assistant will be more complicated and smart. It will work as a personal assistant. Ordering of groceries, Smart Assistant will manage to work of household appliances. As they interact, they will change their priority.

Sensors could save considerable problems

Tech Trend

The sensors are engaged every place like living room, retail flour in hospitals etc. These sensors will select information based on usage patterns. Different times of day ambiance of the sound and temperature how is being used in places. This information is gathered from many problems can be avoided.

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Business bots are useful and will be huge

Tech Trend

By the way, communication app slack covers boats in his chat service, judging this Frog strategist “Toshi Mogi” is confident that Entrepreneurs business to run and handle to logistics will use Artificial Intelligence.

Synthetic food will available at every grocery store

Tech Trends

Designer “Markdalen Indra” talks about two types of change at food store. First thing is instead of killing animals for food in the world to be known as plate-based proteins. The second thing will be for the living tissue of animals and engineering synthetic and in the lab generated food will be prepared.

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For concert, virtual reality will help

Tech Trends

With the help of virtual reality live concert will become part of your home entertainment. Soon you sitting at home and on your virtual reality device will be able to see live streaming of shows of every kind. You will realize that you sit in the stadium watching a match. It will completely change the world of entertainment.

Eco-friendly power will be for the home

Tech Trends

In days to come you will use in your home eco-friendly power. Many countries and companies have been trying from long time to generate eco-friendly power. Anyway, the whole world is facing an energy crisis to end the crisis went into alternative sources is needed. Now slowly over the world, solar panels and wind generators are beginning to decrease in prices. Now the common man can think of to use it. Small home appliances, fans and lights may come in handy for the eco-friendly power In some cases you can send excess power back to the electricity grid. Provide power to other needy people homes. You save the environment by using eco-friendly power can contribute their invaluable.

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