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Top 9 Special Gadgets that make Life Easy

Special Gadgets
Written by bheru lal gaderi

There are some gadgets that are quite useful, but there is no discussion about them. So let’s know today about some of the special gadgets that can make your work much easier in daily life.

Gadgets which will make your life easier

HDMI Switcher


Today, the number of HDMI Sources is increasing, but usually, two or four HDMI inputs are available on the TV. If your TV is on the wall then switching the input repeatedly is a complex task. You can take the HDMI switcher for this. It is so slim that you can even set it under the TV. It comes with an IR remote. You can buy it from Amazon at a price of Rs 630.

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Universal Touchscreen Remote


Special Gadgets

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It is a natural thing that there will be more than five remote controls in your home for different devices. It is better to be confused with all these remotes that you use a universal remote control. With this, you can control any device, whether it is TV, Setup Box, DVD Player or Air Conditioner. You can also take touchscreen universal remote control. This will help you to control different devices.

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Bluetooth Music Adapter

 Special Gadgets

Most people will have audio systems, but these systems are convinced that they do not have wireless connectivity. Audio sources have to be wired in there is a problem in it. You can take a Bluetooth Music Adapter to solve this problem. It adds Bluetooth to stereo.

Price – Rs. 342.00

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Hand Strap for DSLRs

 Special Gadgets

Most DSLR users are never upgraded from Standard Neck Camera Strap the standard camera comes with the strap cameras. Apart from this, there are many other options available in the market, one of these are the hand strap. Using it, the grip remains firm on your camera and the fear of accident can also be reduced. With this help, when you capture the camera with a single hand, it helps the camera capture the moments that occur in seconds.

Price – Rs.198.00

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Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablets

 Special Gadgets

These are useful for you because there are no hassles of wires and it keeps you free of ports. Logitech’s k480 keyboards can pair with three devices simultaneously and quickly switch between them. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Computers, Android and iOS.

Price – Rs.2299

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Ink Tank All-in-one Printer with Wi-Fi

 Special Gadgets

One common assumption is that if you take more print daily, you should buy the laser printer in place of the inkjet. However, it is also true that some ink tank printers can offer the performance of a laser printer at a lower price. The cost of an ink of these printers is the cost of a single bottle of 400 to 500 rupees.

Price – Rs.16900.00

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Tilt and Swivel Mount for Flat Panel TV

 Special Gadgets

If the in-wall cable management can hide the Cable’ trap behind the TV, then it is fine to put flat panel TVs on the wall. Usually, the Wall Mount keeps the TV parallel to the wall. If you are sitting in the corner, then tanotis tilt can take the end swivel wall mount.

Price – Rs.749.00

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Wi-Fi Repeater

 Special Gadgets

There is no fix science of Wi-Fi. A router that works best on your friends’ home may not work properly on your home. Surely, on the other hand, most of the routers spread the signals like Omni Directional (like a wave in the pond) on the surest level. So you should put the router in the center of the house.

Price – Rs.667.00

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Streaming Stick for Smartphone Mirroring

 Special Gadgets

In today’s era, everyone has lots of photos and videos on their smartphone. Everyone wants to see them on a bigger screen. If you want to show content on the TV from the phone than content has to be transferred to the flash drive. And have to be connected to a smart TV or media player. Now you can use the HDMI cable to connect the phone to the TV.

Price – Rs. 1249.00

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Hope this article helps you make a better decision which gadgets are very useful for you; they work in your daily life or not. Since now day so many gadgets available in the market so it’s hard to find the right thing and worth of our money for us and if you think that we have a miss any important information about these gadgets in this article. If yes then please be feel free tell us in the comments section below.

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