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Top 9 Apps To Help You Remember Everything

Remember Everything
Written by bheru lal gaderi

If you feel that your memory is weak, then you can remember everything with the help of some special apps. So lets talk about them.

The special app will help you remember everything 

We all often forget about things. Due to the increase in technology, our memory has decreased. Now with the help of some apps, you can remove the complaint of your memory is diminished. These apps can remember everything all your work. Even this can improve your memory.

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Level money

Level Money Tracks Finance. It’s free for iOS and Android. It links to your bank account, to know how much money has been spent. In this, you do not have to input about shopping.

Image Credit – TechCrunch

Download – Level Money Apk


Evernote App is really awesome. It can take notes about everything. It lets you remember everything connected with life. Evernote keeps the notes quite organized. This application is free for iOS and Android devices.

Download – Evernote App

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Read the articles from the Pocket app later offline. It’s free for iOS and Android devices. While browsing the Internet, we see any such articles, which we would like to read later. You can send the articles from the pocket to the device.

Download – Pocket App


With the help of the Humin App, you can find out where you met someone. This is a free app for iOS. It can tell on the basis of small information that where and how you met someone. All you need is the front person’s number. With the help of this app, you tension remembering people is always ending.

Image Credit – Tech Crunch

Download – Humin App

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Last time

Last time you can easily tell in accordance with your name when you did the last time you did some work. It can tell when the last time you visited a doctor when you had taken a vacation, when did you call the family? This helps to organize App Life.

Download – Last Time App

Find My iPhone

This app gives you freedom from the tension of losing your iPhone. If you have lost an Apple device, then it shows the missing iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac on the map. You can lock your device. If it is near you, then you can create a sound in it. This is a free app for iOS.

Download – Find My Phone

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Destiny Quest

This app reminds the iOS users of cultural work with the help of games. This Task Management app helps in fulfilling everyday boring tasks in an interesting manner. Playing games in this app make it easy to remember what you need to do.

Website Link – Questapp


Lumosity improves memory. It is available for iOS and Android Devices. It’s a neuroscientist-designed app that tracks your memory and increases concentration. It improves your connective skills with more than 40 games.

Download – Lumosity

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Mint bills and money

This app can pay bills on time. This is a free app for iOS and Android. It tracks bills and helps in timely payments. Using this app, you can get rid of the tension of depositing bills on time.

Download – Mint Bills and Money

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So friends were some special apps that can help you remember small things and tasks in daily life. If you want to give any information related to it, you must give your suggestions in the comment box.

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