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Top 8 Apps to Monitor Your Data Usage

Data Usage
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Many times, internet data is spent very fast on mobile phones and computers. If you want, you can easily track your internet data usage.

Data Usage track on Mobile Device

Now, most mobile operating systems can track internet data usages. The settings of Android and iOS devices have the option of Data Usage Monitor. Windows Phone 8.1 comes with an app called Data Sense. It keeps track of your data usage. And also controls it. BlackBerry 10’s built-in device monitor can tell which an application or service is using more data.

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My Data Manager

Data Usage

My Data manager is quite useful apps for iOS and Android devices. It displays data counters for the Career’s Data Network (2G / 3G) and your Wi-Fi data usage. This allows the setting of data transfer limit. It is to tell how much data is left in your account now. You can see historical data and set up a data plan.

Key features of My Data Manager:

  • track your data usage on mobile, Wi-Fi, and roaming
  • Track how many call minutes or text messages you have left
  • Set custom Data usage alarms to avoid overage data uses
  • Know what apps are using the most internet data
  • Track data usage across everyone in your shared or family plan
  • Manage data with multiple devices
  • Track historical data consumption to ensure you’re on the right data plan
  • Customize that how you use your data and get more out of your plan

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Onavo Count

Data Usage

Onavo Count App is available for free for iOS and Android devices. In this, you have to give data plan input. It also has to tell about the data transfer cap and the cost of your plan. This app can easily find out which apps are spending more data and it gives you notifications about internet data usage.

Key features :-

  • Receive alerts when apps are using more data
  • Use a free, fast and secure VPN to protect personal information
  • Block apps who using data in the background
  • Limit apps to Wi-Fi only
  • Set notifications for an app reaches a set limit of data
  • Add an extra layer of security and data encryption

Download For Android Device

Download For iOS Device


Data Usage

The counters app for Windows Phone is quite useful. It manages Internet data usage for Windows Phone. Once the Data Limit is set, this app can give you notification before the data limit is over. This app also provides information about voice calls and SMS usages.

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Data Monitor

Data Usage

Data Monitor app is designed for BlackBerry 10 Mobile. It runs in the background and finds out how much Data is being used, it tells you what percentage of data limit has been used by you. This app starts automatically when the phone is restarted.

Key Features:-

  • App to monitor data, phone and SMS usage.
  • Supports daily, weekly, monthly and custom quota reset.
  • Visual charts to track your current usage against the number of days elapsed.
  • Daily average and projected usage for the month.
  • Notifications at different usage thresholds.

Data Usage Monitor on Computer

When you go to the Network Connection Details in Windows, you get basic information about data traffic. This information is related to the current session. But this does not tell you which software is used by Internet data. To track data usage completely on a computer, you need third party software. There are many applications available for Mac and Windows, with the help of which you can easily monitor the data usage.

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Surplus Meter

Data Usage

Surplus Meter app is designed for Mac. This gives facility to setting connection types (Ethernet, Airport, USB modem) and downloads limits. You can get the upload out of the transfer count. When you start it, you see an active number of send and received data. You can also get daily data usage.

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Data Usage

If multiple computers are running from the broadband connection at home then Networx software is useful for you. It is set in the system tray and monitors real time data traffic. Total data usage can be viewed in daily, weekly, monthly format. You can see this report in Excel format.

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Key Features :-

  • Usage reports, exportable to all type of file formats, HTML, and Excel, MS Word.
  • Numeric display or Clear graphic and.
  • Download data and Supervise upload.
  • Supports cable modems, dial-up, ADSL, and ISDN.
  • Network information and testing tools with the advanced net stat, which displays apps using your Internet connection.
  • Configurable notification options, coupled with automatic disconnection feature.
  • Time and report generated by Speed meter to accurately average transfer rates and download.
  • Journal detailed information about every session with the Dial-up session.

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BitMeters OS

Data Usage

BitMeters OS software lets you monitor data usage using the web browser or command line tools. You can see detailed reports of data usage, export it to Excel. When data usage is crossed, it sends you notifications.

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Menu Meters

Data Usage

Menu Meters software is designed for Mac users. This app gives you complete information about the data transfers of the current connection. You can view data usage as a graphs or numbers. It can ignore data transfer rate of 1 kb per second. The menu meter app can be set to show incoming and outgoing data transfers.

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