Top 7 Health Care Gadgets in 2017

Health Care Gadgets
Written by bheru lal gaderi

It’s not just fitness gadgets are connected to the bands and fitness smartwatch.Many new Health Care Gadgets come to market, which is able to groom every aspect of your health.

Take Special Health Care Gadgets to Stay Healthy

Held special care these Health Care Gadgets with you taking care of your health, your health can also monitor the progress is good, necessary for health in the New Year is known about some gadgets.

 Wi-Fi Scales

Health Care Gadgets

Price – Rs/- 12499

These scales can give many important information about the health. Is your body mass index, fat mass, muscle mass, Bonn mass and hydration levels can tell. All body data can be stored for multiple users.With this data you   can also sync with Companion App (Android and iPhone OS).

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Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Health Care Gadgets

Price – Rs/- 8840

These health care gadgets monitor to blood pressure with accuracy. After check BP you can sync with the smartphone app .


Health Care Gadgets

Price – Rs/- 29436

The health care gadgets draws water vapor in the air, and the humidity level increases.They are commonly used in cold locations. This dry skin, dry lips or bleeding from the nose is quite helpful.

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Slip Tracker

Health Care Gadgets

Price – Rs/- 21015

The health care gadgets gives information about time spent on your bed, wake time, sleep cycle, pattern, resting heart rate, breathing frequency and snoring

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Air Quality Monitor

Health Care Gadgets

Price – Rs/- 6996

Devices air monitor quality is small, and can check the quality of the air in the home or office, Forbiks, Semi-con dust monitor work such as smart devices go a step further. Pollution and dust, pollen, humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide levels can explain.This user can be take immediately effective action if in the air any thing wrong move,

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Smartwatch and FittnesBend

Health Care Gadgets

Price – Rs/- 19999

Bend and smartwatch is most famously health care gadgets, Smartwatch and fitness Bend is lumped in Sensors, The steps, slip, such as heart rate and activity will trek,Now it has been quite stylish, Goki Fitnessbend go a step further and analyze your data gives you the advice of experts.Similarly Fittbit Blaise smartwatch also can provide about all health related information.

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Connected Toothbrush

Health Care Gadgets

Price – Rs/- 9000

This is a big change in the world of the toothbrush can be considered,Now you can use the electric toothbrush, Connected toothbrush design especially for kids,Philips SonyCare Connected  toothbrush look out the guidelines, while the brush is carried out.It tells toothbrush technology, it is dictated by the time you brush for the recommended 2 minutes just

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