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Top 7 Accessories for Photography

Accessories for Photography
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Cameras are a device that works on the basis of their user’s imagination. Now many types of features are coming in the camera. There are many accessories in the market that help you get better photos and videos.

Accessories for Photography

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Stabilizer rig Accessories

Accessories for Photography

Price: – Rs. 1,200

If you are mourning for the video then you must definitely invest in this handheld stabilizer rig these accessories will great for your photography. It helps in stabilizing the camera. It grows on the basis with the help of Gravity. There is no need to work in front of the weight by holding the camera upside down in it. With the help of stabilizer rig, you use the camera’s weight to keep it steady. There are many versions of it. Some versions are made of plastic hues and some aluminum you should take a stabilizer rig made of metal because it is strong. Most stabilizer rigs have a mounting scoop which protects the camera using the traditional tripod mount. You can now use them for your Smartphone as well.

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Digital Intervalometer

Accessories for Photography

Most mid-range DSLRs offer a dedicated port to connect to a remote shutter. This port can be used with any Intervalometer. This is a small device, with batteries attached. It sends the signal to your camera to release the shutter. With this help, you can take photographs after a fixed interval. Once set, these devices start functioning automatically. If you use Time Laps technology then this device can be very useful for you. You can set it to take photographs for a few hours. If you want you can also prepare all the photographs of this kind as a small video.

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Selfie stick

Accessories for Photography

Now, most people have become familiar with the selfie stick. There are two variants of it. One has a wired connection that uses 3.5mm jack of the phone. On the other hand, Bluetooth uses Bluetooth for the second variant connectivity. They have extraordinary poles with smart phones grip so that the device can be well-held. Once the device is properly attached to the selfie stick, you can extract the stick up to three feet. Here you can enjoy favorite videos and photographs.

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Add-on phone lens

Accessories for Photography

Smartphone cameras have improved significantly in the last few years. Now the Smartphone can take good quality photos and videos. Most smart phones have small lenses inside. Their performance is limited. If you use add-on lenses external accessories for smartphones, then its camera can make powerful like DSLR. If you wish, you can take Fish Eye, Wide Angle, Macro, Polarizer, Telephoto or Super Fish Eye Lens.

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Dimmable LED Panel

Accessories for Photography

These light panels accessories run from batteries. It has 160 or more dimmable LEDs. They can work as light sources for photos or videos. These are just for DSLR. There is a hotshot port for connection. To set the brightness, a simple dial is placed on the side. You can take plastic filters which are slots in the front. To insert light, white diffusers (for soft light), warm filters (to reduce color temperature) & Light Pink Filters (for outdoor use) can be used.

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Gorilla pad

Accessories for Photography

The gorilla pads also a great accessories for a handy device. This is a compact tripod. There are flexible legs in it. To take a photo, it can wrap anything like bench, and handle around the handle. It has an anti-slip surface in terms of security. In this, there is a standard tripod head to connect the camera at the top right. It is found in different sizes in the market. Use it with a small compact camera and can work well with DSLR.

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Ring light

Accessories for Photography

Actually ring lights are an add-on available for your phone and camera, which has a full-power LED light in a circle. If you keep the light source in front of your smartphone while taking selfies in low light, it lets you take great pictures. This is a handy device. This macro is quite useful when shooting photos, where you are very close to the subject and there is not enough space for light. It comes with a control battery/unit that plugs into the camera’s hot-shoe. You can also take different color adapters for light effects by this accessories.

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