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Top 6 Uses of GPS Tracking (Technology) Device

Written by bheru lal gaderi

Most of us think that GPS is just for navigation. This is not entirely accurate. GPS-based various devices can use with apps and help of this technology you can track important things.


 GPS Can Track Everything

So, if you want to get help of GPS technology to find lost things. it can solve so many problem in your life. mostly for them who have habits of forgot normal thing in daily life like Key, Phone, Wallets, Pan etc.

Find Pet Animals with GPS Technology

In Market so many dedicate GPS Tracker available your pet. help of GPS and GPRS  search your pet.

Track Safe Buddy Dog Collar


Available on snap-deal

Price Rs. 9000/-

Website Visit Link –

this tracker does not disturb your pet.You can get any information about him.In it one way calling feature is available, so you can hear the voices of animals around.At this price, you get the first 12 of the subscription service.

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Tag GPS Pet Tracker


Price –   $69.99 + $4.99 shipping

Website visit link –

You can search on Amazon website ” tag GPS Pet Tracker”. It can work with most pet animals. Because it is connected to the collar and on the MAP, lets see in real time the location of Pets.

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Secures Your Car


Buy Price – Rs. 9,990/-

You can easily track your car help of Map May India MMI over 201 . by phone or browser you can track car in real time.For location you get house Level Map.Additionally you will get information like engine status, speed, vehicle, root and address gives Insights.The tracker is waterproof.Its have internal battery for backup.If your car is theft than there is a also Immobilizer to cut engine power.

website visit link –

Stay with Family

Many times it happens that you want to track your family members or want to tell them where you are now.For this you can use the smartphone app w.

Find my Phone Feature


You can use find my phone feature app (For Android user just use find your phone and for IOS users use find my iPhone) with built in GPS phone features. You can find That on any map.

Website visit link –

Website visit link –

Life 360 App


Life 360 App launch in year 2008. you can track all family member by using this family locket app. you can call it a family can make a privet circle on this app, where you can add your family member.For continued use, you can also share your location automatic.Chat option also available for privet circle member.

Website visit –

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Eye on the elder and children

If you want to track the elder and children through the app, you have a small GPS tracker, such as IID or Let’s track Personal Tracker can be used. you can taking care of children and elder member help of GPS Tracker.It is compact and ready-to-use.They can be placed in the bag, or can be put on can track location on any zones also can be setup.when tracker go out of safe zones you will get alert through SMS.

Find Theft vehicle


Price – 2,199.00

Buy Link from Amazon –

For Two Wheeler’s especially Lett’s track bike series is offered.Associated with the vehicle, information is available in real time.Get parking notifications also and speed.Alarm sounds at excessive speed increases.Together mileage details and also get a 24-hour location history.

Find Keys

Any little thing to find use compact Bluetooth tag tracker.You can attach them with goods.Through an app on your smartphone then you can search the tag at home.

Portonics Tring

Price – Rs.579

Nut mini

Price – Rs.1340

SenseGiz Find

Price – Rs. 1899

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