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Top 5 Trends that are shaping the Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising
Written by bheru lal gaderi

2017 is all set to see the mobile marketing and Digital Advertising to grow exponentially. All advertising agencies and brands will want to be visible in the mobile space as well as breaking through the already cluttered social media with new features and innovations.

Mobile Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising


A huge amount of content will be consumed through mobile and it is expected that this mobile mobilization will cause the television to lose its relevance in the coming years.

 Mobile Explosion

Everybody is moving towards mobile and it is estimated that people are spending 25% of their time on their mobiles. This makes mobile the perfect communication medium for Digital advertising agencies and brands alike to reach their audience. Most of the content is being consumed on mobiles and this is expected to only rise, in the coming years.

Social Media wins

Digital Advrtising

Google and facebook followed by other social media platforms will win in the coming years in terms of digital advertising because everybody is drifting towards social media. With features like Live videos, the social media becomes more personalized and interactive.

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Artificial Intelligence

Digital Advrtising

Brands are expected to triple their investments in AI in the coming years. Marketing Chabot’s will go mainstream as facebook and Whatsapp become the preferred destination for users.

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Influencer Marketing is the new big thing

Digital Advrtising

Brands are reaching out to real people or bloggers who have a power of the social media to influence their potential customers. Influencers can be anybody who can sway the decisions of the audience with their opinions. Brands are picking up real people on contrary to celebrities who will reflect a certain amount of credibility and personal connect to their audiences.

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Virtual Reality to take over

Digital Advertising

Virtual market is on the move, projected to be worth $30bn by the end of 2020. In 2016, some of the best VR headsets were released like Oculus, HTC, Samsung and Google. In 2017, this trend will continue on a much greater scale. Virtual Reality will leave an imprint on just about every social activity possible which will fundamentally change the way people consume content for entertainment.

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Guest Post By Tarun Rao
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