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Top 5 Add-ons(Chrome Extension) for Gmail Secure Use

Written by bheru lal gaderi

Keeping your email safe in today’s time has become a challenging task.Hackers have become full of the Internet world, which can steal your confidential information and do the wrong thing.If you want your email account to be completely secure from hackers, then you will have to get the help of some add-ons.


Add-ons to secure email account

There is no doubt that Google makes every effort to protect our products. If you are hacked while using Google service then this is your reason, not because of Google. If you want to keep your emails safe on Google’s services, so by enabling only two-factor authentication, it’s not going to work. You have to try safe browsing. You do not have to surf the right website. Know about some third-party add-ons, which you can plug into Gmail. And make the journey safer on the Internet-

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Secure Gmail


Secure Gmail is useful Add-ons if you are serious about your privacy.  Any mail that is sent and received from Gmail encrypts and decrypts them before reaching Google’s servers. This way you can ensure that no one can see your content.  The person who receives your email will need a special password to understand your message. It is not necessary that you apply this encryption to everything you send from Gmail.

How to Use
  1. Install the extension
  2. Refresh Gmail
  3. Click on the lock icon next to the compose button
  4. Compose your email and send
  5. Enter a password, your recipient must be the same password
Additional Information

Version: 1.7

Updated: 1, October 2014

Size: 130KiB

Languages: See all 43

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Ugly Email


There are many users who want to know when and how you opened the email sent by them.  If you do not like these tracks, then use the Ugly email extension. It has to be added to Chrome. If there is a Tracker in the email, then it will show a small eye in your Gmail account. This add-on is intended for information purposes.

Additional Information

Version: 1.0.0

Updated: December 18, 2016

Size: 75.74 KiB

Language: English (United States)

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Web of Trust


Gmail already warns about phishing links. But you can make your security better than the Web of Trust. It gives the website ranking from one to five and tells how secure it is. This shows that the links which are going to click on Gmail. They are real or phishing. This rating is made available to over 140 million people by a user community.

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Gmail Sender Icons


This is a great Chrome extension(Add-ons). It puts a favicon symbol next to the sender in Gmail, so you can easily find out which domain every message is coming from. The way you can see open tabs easily in your browser, it offers the same kind of Facility. This does not reduce the speed of Gmail. Rather it gets inbuilt in your Gmail inbox. With this help, you can find out which email is spam. This prevents dangerous messages from opening and is careful in the future.

Additional Information

Version: 1.0

Updated: February 19, 2017

Size: 18.97KiB

Language: English



Privacy Policy

8/167 Jn Md

Agra 282004


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Password Alert


It’s introduced by Google. This Chrome extension keeps you fully protected from all types of phishing attempts. It identifies those Google Sin in pages which look like Google Sin in Pages, But they do not in really. If something is wrong when entering a Google password, it immediately warns you to reset your password. This extension works as a thumbnail setting for your password through the comparison

Additional Information

Version: 1.24

Updated: March 22, 2017

Size: 411KiB

Languages: See all 53

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