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Top 3 Best iOS Emulators For Windows

iOS Emulator
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Have you ever wondered to use iOS App but don’t have enough budget to purchase an iPhone? If Yes, then you are at right place, cause in this Article, I’m going to tell you about iOS Emulators for Windows.

iOS Emulator

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There are many fascinating Apps available on Apple App Store which can enhance your experience. If you ever wanted to get an experience of iOS, then iOS Emulators will definitely help you out.

iOS Emulators are the Emulators which helps you to Run iOS Apps on your Windows. Similar to Android Emulators iOS Emulators also allows you to do multitasking and play iOS Games without any issue.

iOS Emulators have a great UI and can be easily customized according to your needs. You can easily run your favorite Apps or Games without any lag at high FPS.

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As you all know, most of the Apps first get released for iOS only so it becomes very easy for the App developers to test the App using this iOS Emulators. They can easily find bugs and customize their Apps. Apart from that, it is a great experience to use an iOS App on a large Screen.

There are many iOS Emulators available on the internet but here I have listed 3 Best iOS Emulators for Windows. So, without wasting more time, let’s proceed further and check out the 3 Best iOS Emulators for Windows.

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3 Best iOS Emulators For Windows

  1. iPadian

iOS Emulators

iPadian is one of the most popular iOS Emulators for Windows. This Emulator can be easily used to run any iOS Apps on Windows.

The GUI of this Emulator is similar to iPad using which you will get a complete experience of iPad. This Emulator is available for Free as well as Paid version.

It’s Paid version is available for $10 which is worth every single penny. You can purchase its paid version or simply use its free version.

Though it has great features in Paid version, you can also use its free version to use iOS Apps. You can easily play any iOS game you want using this Emulator.

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  1. Air iPhone

iOS Emulators

Air iPhone is another best iOS Emulators for Windows using which you can easily run iOS Apps and Games on your Windows for free.

It has a very good user interface which will give you a great experience. It has many features which can enhance your experience.

If you don’t like iPadian, then you must go for Air iPhone Emulator as it is the Best iOS Emulator after iPadian.

Also, you can easily play your favorite game using this iOS Emulator without any lag. You will get high FPS at the time of GamePlay and your game will run very smooth.

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  1. Smartface

iOS Emulators

Smartface is also one of the Best iOS Emulators for Windows. You can even run this Emulators on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, etc.

Most probably you will like above two iOS Emulator but if you didn’t like above two, then this one will really helpful for you.

It has a unique design and it is very flexible for app developers. It has many features like Javascript library, enterprise services, extend smart face apps, and much more.

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Most of the Apps which are available on Apple App Store can be used on this Emulator. It also allows multitasking which can enhance your experience.


These were the 3 Best iOS Emulators for Windows you can use to Run iOS Apps on your Window PC. Also, there are many iOS Emulators available but I have mentioned the 3 Best iOS Emulators which I liked the most. Comment below if you know any other Best iOS Emulators or if you have any questions.

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