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Top 10 YouTube Tricks and Secrets You Should Know

Written by bheru lal gaderi

The World is hidden in YouTube

If you want to watch and share the video then the first choice will be youtube. Google is constantly adding new features to improve this service. So let’s know about these special features that can make your viewing experience more useful on YouTube.


Interesting on YouTube

  • Search on ‘Use the Force Luke’ on YouTube. This will also trigger video snapshots along your mouse pointer.
  • Type ‘do the Harlem shake’ on youtube and enter it. After waiting a few seconds, Search Result snapshots will start moving on the screen.
  • Search for ‘doge meme’ on youtube. You will see the results in multi-color.
  • Whenever a video is playing on YouTube, you get saicedelic status bar when you type ‘Doge Meme’.

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Zip with YouTube video


First, you have to open your favorite YouTube video and add Zip before youtube in the address bar of the browser then it should be This will redirect you to another page, where you can select a 15 seconds clip from the video and convert it to zip. Once you select an animated time, a new page will give the option to add text effects and stickers. After complete this, you will be able to download the zip on your computer.

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Playback video from a specific time

When you click on the share option in YouTube, look at the existing ‘Start At’ box. Here you can decide the time from which time the video will start. Whether you want to paste ‘?T=2m10s’ at the end of the URL shown at the bottom of the share option. Here 2 and 10 mean that the video will start from 2 minutes and 10 seconds. In this way, you can send anyone to view a particular part rather than the full video.

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Identify the Background Music


Many videos have background music. Have you taken interest in the background music of the video? Have you tried to gather information about singer and band of that music? YouTube does not offer this feature. If you go to then you can identify the background track of YouTube’s videos. For this, use the Moma’s search function. It will give information about singers or bands, with the help of millions of Songs database.

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Magic Action for YouTube


Magic Action is the most feature-rich browser extension for YouTube. Once the extension is added, it opens the page of the settings, where many Handy features are available. In this, you can control volume from the mouse scroll wheel, hide ads, can bypass country restraints. Cinema mode can be enabled and speed booster can be used for fast video loading. You can play HD or ‘4k’ video.

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Keyboard shortcuts


While watching the video on youtube, you can jump 5 seconds back or forward with left and right arrow keys. Pause and play the video by pressing ‘K’. Rewind and forward 10 seconds from J and L keys. You can press F key for the full screen. You can take help of up and down arrows to adjust the volume. By pressing number keys 1 to 9, you can make the video smaller or bigger than 10 percent to 90 percent.

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Save video offline


The desktop browser version of YouTube does not offer the option to save video for offline playback, but this option is available on the YouTube app for iOS and android. You need to tap the ‘Add to Offline’ button for the video you want to save offline to watch. This will start downloading the video and will be seen in YouTube’s My Videos section. It can be seen without an internet connection.

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TV Mode


There is full TV mode in YouTube. If you want to watch videos from a distance, you can use it. This mode is excellent for Home Theater PC. If you are 10 feet away from the screen, then it makes things easy. To launch the TV mode, you have to type  in the browser. Control the TV mode from the keyboard. Due to being a dark theme, it is easy to see videos in Dim Room too. To return to the main menu, you just have to press the ‘esc’ button on the keyboard.

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360 Degree Video


After coming to cheap VR headset (like Google Cardboard), 360-degree videos are coming to it. There are also cameras (Ricoh Theta) that can shoot video in 360 degrees. Loading 360-degree videos on YouTube is not easy. The 360 Video Metadata app must be installed from the  It is available for Windows and Mac. In this, open 360 degrees from the computer and check the spherical box. Save the video on PC and upload it to YouTube.

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It is a karaoke good companion. Here lots of music videos will be found which show the lyrics as subtitles. Type the name of the song in the search bar and type karaoke. This will show the lyrics and the tune will be heard. To use it as a karaoke machine, the phone or laptop can connect to the TV and you can use the mixer to attach external speakers and microphone. If Lyrics is not present, you can use a browser extension named YouTube Lyrics.

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If you want to enable subtitle / closed captions on any video, you can press B on your keyboard. It can be found in different colors and styles. To enable captions you can set the cursor on the keyboard.

You can also press. You can tap on the gear icon to get more settings. It can set the font, color, size, window color, and opacity. This method is quite easy. The important thing is that the subtitles must be present in the video.

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Important facts

  • Although everyone tells Youtube the most famous video website, but if you want to try a different then you can use Vimeo. This website claims that it focus the highest on quality rather than quantity.
  • As other options for it, you can use Daily Motion, Blip.TV, Meta Café, Live Leak, Veoh, Vidinterest, and MySpace.
  • The video is becoming the most popular part of the Internet. These are at the top of it, it has more than 1 billion users. 300 hours of video are being uploaded every minute here. More than 6 billion videos are watched every month.

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