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Micro Gadgets
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Technology means doing big things with the smallest thing. So let’s Know about such small and useful micro gadgets.

Small Micro Gadgets gadgets make many big things

Theoretically, means of minimalism – getting more from small thing. This purpose comes from technology. Technology allows small things to get bigger work done. Nowadays there are many such micro gadgets present in the market, which are beautiful and they work very well even though they are small. In many cases, they can be fitted in the pocket too. So let’s find out some similar micro gadgets.

Lenovo Dual-Mode Wireless Touch Mouse N700

Micro Gadgets

Key features

  • Compact and portable.
  • Dual wireless connectivity to freely switch between Bluetooth and 2.4G modes.
  • Dual-function to easily switch between mouse and presenter modes.
  • Dual Mode WL Bluetooth Touch Mouse N700 (Black).

Price – $53.99

Lenovo special mouse that turns into different sizes. Lenovo Company keeps experimenting with the compact form factor in the laptop. The company has designed such a mouse, which can work like a remote. This is useful in Power Point presentation. All you have to do is twist the mouse’s flat site and the base. For this, For this, you have to twist the base of the mouse on the flat site. You can also keep this mouse in the pocket. it can be purchase from Amazon.

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Apple Lightning 12000mAh Portable Charger

Micro Gadgets

Price – $24.99

Key Features

  • Multi protection system
  1. Short circuit protection
  2. Over voltage protection
  3. Over charge and over discharge protection
  • Powerful 12000mAh Li-Polymer Battery
  • Thinner lighter and faster
Package Including
  • 1x Powered Pilot 4GS
  • 1×8-pin Lighting Cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Feed back Card

Apple’s Double A Battery Charger Lets Help. In addition to Apple TV Remote, we can not imagine any Apple products that require batteries. But big companies like Apple also produce small battery chargers. This can charge up to two batteries at a time. These battery chargers are simple and easy to pack. so you can buy this battery charger on Amazon.

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TrackR bravo – Bluetooth Tracking Device.

Micro Gadgets

Price – $29.49

With the help of TreckR, you will never lose your keys. Most people forget about keeping things as they are. Now you can search lost items in seconds with help of coin-shaped gadgets TreckR. These Micro Gadgets works with  Android/iOS App. When the TrackR user is in the range of lost items then you get a GPS update. these micro gadgets available on Amazon.

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Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit (MUF-128BB/AM)

Micro Gadgets

Key Features

  • Metal casing for durability and a super-compact body
  • Slim and sophisticated with a modern ultra-compact design
  • NAND flash technology
  • Water proof, shock proof, magnet proof, temp proof, and X-ray proof with a 5-year warranty

Price – $39.95

Samsung’s 128GB Thumb Drive is the size of your thumb. with these USB Flash Drives, you can easily carry out the data. Now you can save more data on these than before. Most USB flash drives are of approximately equal size. In this case, Samsung’s USB drive can cover 128GB of data in a small size too. Its data transfer speed is also good. you can buy it on Amazon.

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Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker

Micro Gadgets

Price – $29.99

Encark creates a small Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth speakers help music fans. They can enjoy favorite music anywhere. Encore’s Bluetooth speakers are small micro gadgets, but its performance is superb. It is also easy to use. Its design is simple. It has NFC competitiveness with its Android smartphones. You can buy it from Amazon.

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Google Chromecast 2 Media Streaming Device

Micro Gadgets

Chromecast can turn HDMI screen into the streaming device. Chromecast is a useful streaming device. It’s made by Google. It looks like a little dongle. This can turn any HDMI competitively device into a TV. By applying this to the TV’s HDMI port, you can connect the smartphone to the TV. It can pair it with an external battery charger and it will work with the best quality without any outlet. It can take from Best Buy, Target, or Walmart for $ 35.

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Karma Go – Pay-as-you-go 

Micro Gadgets

Karma can create Wi-Fi hotspots in Pocket.Many times you are on the road and you have to use the internet, in such a way, you are troubled by the data package. Now Karma can prepare pocket table data hot spots for $ 15 by 1 GB. If you take plan on a monthly basis you can get a discount. If you make your hot spot public, then a reward program is also available to you. You can buy these micro gadgets for $ 149 from the karma website.

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Pebble Core

Micro Gadgets

Pebble Core can replace your fitness watch. This is a chain-shaped micro gadgets. There are many functions in it. It gets synced with popular fitness apps. It can provide you much necessary fitness related information. There is a 3G connection in which you can call Uber, stream music, can charge wirelessly.

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Micro Gadgets

Swyp can combine all your cards in one. The design of swap is attractive, it occupies less space. It works like a rechargeable smart card. Its battery life is up to one year. This card is EMV Competitive. It can hold up to 25 cards. There is a button in it, with the help of which you can scroll your different cards. It has been sold for the first time. You can add yourself to its wish list on the swap site.

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