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Technology will bee Safe in 2018

Written by bheru lal gaderi

As people are entering New Year 2018 and adopting continuously changing digital Technology, we are leaving behind the memories of the 2017 cyber attacks that were so modern and dangerous that due to them Many industries and people suffered not only financial loss but also loss of personal data.


It has taken an initiative to increase the level of cyber security and strengthen security against cyber attacks. Needed industries and people’s valuable information and business operations, monitoring of 24 hours.

Look at special Technology trends

Many Technology trends show that it is very important for business and industry to adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning for future growth. Cyber ​​Security Solutions has now started adopting them, so that we can be prepared for the unpleasant event caused by human mistakes.

The Iscan Security Research team has identified similar major moves that will emerge as the strongest areas of security defaults.

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Know about them:-


Even Ransom ware will be a major threat in the year 2018. This is the easiest way of raising money from cyber criminals for their victims. In the year 2017, we have seen the internal blue channel for lateral movement within the network such as Wannacry and publicly its exploits.

In 2018, emphasis will be on the need to fix the fix as a definite solution to reduce the lateral movement of Ransom ware. Apart from this, the creators of Ransom ware can be attracted towards the second crypto currency rather than the bit coin, because it is very important for the victims to pay for the Ransom ware will also contribute to the increased cost of bit coin.

In 2018, the determination of the amount of ransom can also be found on the basis of the payment capacity of the country and the target institutions. So far, Spear Fishing was confined to the war of information, but in the future, we will see the institutions particularly attacking the Ransom ware attacks for them to increase the number of these criminals.

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Cyber ​​espionage between countries 

The global intelligence system of many countries has advanced Technology to such an extent that they can easily extract world data to create strategies. Many nations are watching cyber spying as a new perspective of espionage. This new method will also affect economic and political relations between the two countries and it will also change the modern war scenario.


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Users and network administrators should do their best to avoid the attacks of cyber criminals. After understanding the right need, applying multi-factor authentication may reduce the fear of cyber attacks. For this, the iscan can be used.

Improved security of IOT device 

Where the demand for smart devices and other Internet of Things (IOT) devices is increasing day by day. In the same way, the need for modern security is also increasing rapidly. According to the latest data, about 30 billion items will be connected in major industries and IOT will be involved in the roles of different corporate, as well as attacks on these devices will increase.


In 2017, IOT has been targeting various Bot-net devices. Including the notorious Mirai Bot-Net. Which has helped in enhancing the sensitivity of upcoming attacks on important structures? 2018 will be a mixed year and in this we will also see the development of safety guidelines for the development of IOT devices among vendors.

Crypto currency

Crypto currency in 2017


In 2017, the crypto currency was seen emerging as a commodity. However this volatility did not reduce the interest of investors in crypto currency. In the second half of 2017, the cyber criminals may demand further because of the irregular Anonymous currency market seen in which the major Ransom ware attack like Wannacry and the depend of these attacks on Bit coin.

Crypto currency in 2018

2018 will be a year of crypto currency, in which many companies will compete with each other for the stability of their currency. With the arrival of the same major crypto currency, the market will likely be organized in the second half of 2018. In 2018, the criminals will focus their attention on other crypto currency due to the increased cost of bit coin.



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Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin cash is prepared due to Bitcoin Hard Faucers and now there is a plan to bring Bitcoin Silver, Bitcoin Platinum, which will help in its development. Investors will have to be very careful because in 2018 there may be many fake crypto currency, associated scandals and Ponzi schemes.

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Increase in Mobile Hacking

DDOS Malware 


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2017 was a year in which DDOS malware was seen emerging. This year, there was also a poor movement of the Warcraft Botnet. For mobile malware, not only can cyber officials be held responsible, Rather, the tool manufacturer is in the vein of suspicion regarding privacy violation of the user. More than 40 apps developed by Chinese institutions have been blacklisted.

Device makers and app developer

The year 2018 can be beneficial for device makers and app developers, but it can also come in the way of suspicion of people working on privacy and the government can prepare criteria to protect the citizens’ data. With the implementation of GDPR a few months ago, many issues of privacy violations can be found by mobile app developers in the second half of 2018.

Apps in 2017

In 2017, the fake apps have to face. And because of this, companies such as Google and Apple have forced to create their own app stores and increase their monitoring. Such incidents can occur in 2018 as well. However, some of these incidents can be attributed to using jail-break / routing, but the main focus of the makers of malware will be on fake apps.

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