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Social Media Share 8 Things you should remove

Social Media
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Hello, friends now a day every person is engaged in the internet sharing something. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp are being frozen and shared in every Social Media place. Many times, in the affair of sharing, we share many such things on the internet which proves harmful to us in the future. If you are posting without any thought, then immediately delete these things from Social Media.

Phone Number

Social Media


The idea of putting your phone number in your profile was good six years ago when Facebook told that it is for improvement in security. Wrong people on the internet, with the help of your phone number, can disturb you and mobilize important information.

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Bad photo


Many times you share such photos on Social Media, which later harm you. Your parents may feel bad. Maybe a prospective employer is searching for you on LinkedIn and looking at the bad photo makes a misconception about you.


Social Midia


If you have put your birth date on Social Media then delete it instantly, hackers can damage your account after getting the date of birth with your name address. It’s good to tell your date of birth to friends, but it can be dangerous to protect your account.

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Photo of Relationship

Social Media

You should think fully before you insert photos of your relatives on Social Media. If you add photos of your old friend, then this may have negative effects on future relationships. Some people scan the social media account of their future life partner with very carefully. If you keep the photo with your old relationship, it’s time to delete them now. Facebook should be professionally used.

Photo of holidays

Social Media

When you tell on Facebook that you are on holidays, it is a direct message to thieves that your house is empty and can be stolen. Avoid putting photos of airport or holidays on Facebook anytime. You should only put such a photo after returning from the holidays. Some people share photos and videos of every moment on the Social Media network, they should change this habit.

 Select the right content for Social Media share

Social Media

Sometimes we share interesting videos without seeing them. There may be a mistake. Whenever you share a video, first see it completely and then share the video only. Lest there be any wrong thing in the video, which will later reach the Friends. Share useful content on Social Media only, sharing unnecessary content does not beneficial for anyone, always be careful about the choice of content.

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Social Media

Tagging your location on Facebook has become a fashion. But it can prove dangerous that any wrong person can be harmed you. You are out of the country or have left the school, as you can avoid posting. You should never share your location on Social Media.


Social media

Some people have a habit that adds to the boss in whatever they do on Facebook. They feel that this will lead to the boss’s heart. When putting any post, you should take care that your boss can also read that post. So you have never tag to the boss on Social Media.

Wrong language

Maybe you have posted such a post on Social Media, in which you have misused your anger. Such an old post can get you accusation. Look at your account and find out that even if it does not use the wrong language in any of your posts.

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