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Smartwatch – Top 8 Apps for Android Wear and Watch OAS

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Smartwatch market is growing rapidly. The common belief is that Smartwatch is just good for notifications. But the way App can increase your phone’s function; Smartwatch can also be quite useful as well.

Make your Smartwatch Useful


Now you can control the whole world with your wrist. There are many great Smartwatch in the market, with the help of them; you can quickly complete many of your useful works. Let’s know about them.

Android Wear

An operating system, designed for Smartwatch and wearable’s dives of Android version develop by google is called Android wear.



If you want unique watch faces, you can use this free app. For this Android watch, Iconic Artworks has the ability to change the wallpaper. Blur and dim the artwork. So you can easily see the time. If you become bored, then the wallpaper with new artworks can change regularly.

Download Muzei Apps

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Smartwatch screens are small enough. This is the reason why there is a problem playing the game. If you want to play games on Android Watch, you can use the Papercraft app. It’s a simple game, Where the spaceship controls the made of paper. The need to shoot in your way throughout the level increases. Points are found on destroying enemies. As you play, however, the achievements are achieved. Share scores on Google Play boards, and challenge friends.

Download Papercraft app

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Users use Smartwatch to keep an eye on incoming notifications. But whenever a message has to be answered, typing on the phone has to be done. This special app offers unique features. It generates smart responses based on your responses. It works with SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts, for this, you have to select smart replay. This app will show you a list of 10 replays, which you often use.

Download Fluenty Apps

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Wear Mini Launcher


This app is compatible with some Android wear, but its unique functionality makes it special, Adds this slide-out app drawer to a quick launch of the app. Again, this slide shows a quick toggle for brightness adjustment, connectivity and ring style. It’s time-saving. Because of complex menus in SmartWatch. In order to find the app you need, all the apps have to scroll.

Download Wear Mini Launcher Apps

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Watch OAS

Apple Watch’s mobile operating system is called Watch OAS. It has been created by Apple Company. It is based on OAS operating system, and many features meet in it.

7 Minute Workout


As the name suggests, this app works towards improving your health in 7 minutes. It does not require any kind of equipment. In it, only the guidelines shown in the watch have to be followed. There is also an animated character for the right workout, which helps you in a fun way. There are lots of help you can get from these spoken directions. The good thing is that it does not require the internet to use it.

Download 7 Minute Workout Apps

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The Apple Watch version of this famous Note taking app gives you many different options. It gives a lot of options compared to the default notes app. You can see all your notes. You can even dictate new notes from your watch. The special feature of these notes is that they are all associated with your Evernote account on all Devices.  And it also gets synced in the right way.

Download Evernote Apps

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There are no calculator apps on Apple Watch, but third-party apps offer Callbackboat calculators, converters, and tip calculators. It has to be pressed for different operations such as Addition, Mines, Multiplication, part etc. Operators like currency, weight, distance and temperature come in the converter. You can organize Percentage for tips.

Download Calecbot Apps

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Trivia Crack


Trivia Crack launches in the Quick General Knowledge Game in front of online Competitor. It also supports Hindi. The first category will have to be selected, after this, there will be multiple choice questions on Apple Watch. Tap on the answer to the choice. It can play smoothly on a small screen. For the first time, it needs to prepare an account using the iPhone / iPad. Once you have done this, you will not need your phone to start the game.

Download Trivia Crack Apps

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