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Smartphone Camera can replace Compact Digital Cameras?

Smartphone Camera
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Smartphone camera in the past decade did an excellent job in growing up. These devices are high with a great sensor on them. Now if you remember till last with the previous year we had some great amount of digital cameras although now the quantity dropped a bit, just for the cause that DSLR started to grow up in demand.

Smartphone Camera


Today we are going to discuss if Digital Camera still has not lost its charm, or Smartphone industry has taken over space for these Digital Cameras.

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Should people opt for a better Smartphone instead of a dedicated Digital Camera?

This question goes for people specific, on what is the need of going for the camera, your budget, and some other factor. You might be confused if you are to take such decisions. Today we will help you by giving our views after researching a bit on the quality of each and every device. This will further help you to decide if you need a Smartphone or a Digital Camera.


First giving you a brief on what powers inside the Digital Camera & a smartphone. A digital camera usually comes with a 1″ sensor size. While the smartphone comes with a tiny sensor which is not in comparison with that of the one found in the Digital Cameras. As the sensor sensitivity and the process by which we make sensors are evolving, we generally get some great sensors within the Smartphone too, but the size of the sensor actually makes us think a bit, and even the practicality we get with Digital Camera is at another level. Now let us actually talk about the main component of a Digital Camera and a smartphone for photography the Sensor & Lens.

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Sensor and Lens

If you talk to any photographer, you will learn about these two being one of the most important factors of any photograph. Although current smartphones have a much better sensor and can do the miracle if someone knows what he is doing. But he will be limited when it comes to zoom & different perspectives if he uses a Smartphone embedded camera. Because in a Digital Camera it comes with at least of 12x to 35x Zoom facility which is having a really wide field of view to a narrow field of view. When we crop the picture or use digital zoom, it tends to distort the quality of the image. Hence we must not use the same either on Digital Camera or on Smartphones.

Camera Sensor and Lens

Digital camera comes with OIS, which stands for Optical Image stabilization, but in every smartphone, we cannot have the same. Only the high-end devices offer the Image stabilization feature. The lenses used on a digital camera offers some great amount of clarity just for the cause that most of the time they are ED lenses, which offer fewer reflections of light and which results in less amount of distortion in the pictures. In Smartphone cameras we get just a simple glass covering at the top to ensure protection from foreign objects.

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A smartphone comes with a great processor just to make its users give a great experience playing with the device. This processor also integrates a dedicated imaging processor so that we can use Cameras on the smartphone.


The Digital Cameras offers a dedicated processor which is optimized to calculate the focusing distance in the PDAF auto focusing and even help the camera to have a much better Exposure. All this part actually leaves the smartphones behind. A Smartphone processor is optimized for performance while the dedicated photography processor does a better job for in making the camera a better option when it comes to focusing in low-light, having a better performance in transcending the data from the sensor in JPEG.

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Also, Samsung and Sony use their own custom processor on their mobile phone which is solely made for imaging purpose in smartphones. Rest of the companies use what is included with Qualcomm’s processor or the processor which is contained in the main chip.


One of the most important parts of a camera comes to be a battery life. You might have noticed that smartphone cameras end up consuming a lot more battery in respect to an average gaming session. Digital Cameras are made to be optimizing the battery life with the OIS, Zoom motor, Auto Focus motor, and different things working. You might not want to give your phone’s battery to go dead just for clicking few shots.


A regular Digital Camera can make with you for up to 600 – 800 photos. Which will be nowhere close to of a smartphone which can end up after having a life of around 400 – 500 constant clicks.

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Convenience & Sharing

We never told that Smartphone cameras are bad, but they aren’t good to complete a full fleshed Digital Camera. But when it comes to sharing, you get much better options on a smartphone, while the Digital cameras also get the NFC and wifi support which can make you transfer photos with a tap, and is quite a useful feature.

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Most of the time you will not do not have a Camera with you. It’s not possible to regularly have a camera which can result in you missing some shots. At that time you can apparently make use of your smartphone because that is the thing you will have with you daily.

So is Smartphone better or Digital Camera still the best in the field?

It’s partially a yes, and partially a no. It totally depends on the user what is the use, and how will one need to use the camera. Let us actually list some area where you might need a digital camera

Say if he is a photographer, and don’t want to have a DSLR every day with him. But at the same time don’t want to lose some everyday shots, he can go with a good performing Digital Camera.

If you are going on a long tour and want to save battery in case of contacting people, then you must go for a Digital Camera it is going to be a better bet.

Having a function in-house, and need a dedicated camera to click pictures, then it is going to be a better option.

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Now let’s discuss some places where Smartphone will be enough for you

  • If you are going with your friends on a trip, then you can quickly take a smartphone, because people usually like to take selfies and you cannot actually miss those by becoming a photographer.
  • Having a little budget for camera currently, but own a perfect smartphone, then you can drop the idea for the Digital Camera if you need for some occasional day to day life shoot.

These were some of the tips with which people can get a better knowledge and can make a right decision to go either for a Digital Camera or for Smartphone.

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