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Slack is Gaining Attention as a Takeover Goal

Written by bheru lal gaderi

San Francisco-based startup, Slack is gaining attention as a takeover goal from multiple buyers, which includes giants such as Inc., with a minimum price tag of $9 billion.

Slack’s workplace messaging has been subscribed by the top IT and Non-IT companies which include Harvard University, Airbnb, BuzzFeed, and Samsung since its launch in 2013.

‘$9b would be a significant premium over Slack’s last fundraising round. No certainty Slack wants to sell though.’

– Alex Sherman (@sherman4949)

‘If a deal happens and Amazon is the buyer, it would be the largest acquisition Amazon has ever done by about 9x.’

– Alex Sherman (@sherman4949)

On Thursday morning, headlines showed Slack “is about to raise $500 million and is valued $5 billion after raising” which made giants such as Microsoft and Salesforce show some interest in taking it over. Agents also stated, although it is not yet profitable it will be profitable in near future.

Slack Technologies Inc. has recently been seen inquiring about a huge takeover, as per the industry sources.

With such a high price of $9 Billion, It will be the biggest acquisition in the history of Amazon but how will Amazon benefit by paying this much money? And why did they opted for Slack which was last valued $3.8 Billion by investors? This could be because of their interest in workplace communication.

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There might be the following reasons for this deal:

Future perspective

Slack has drawn the same attention of Microsoft as it drew of Amazon. Microsoft is another IT giant, who has a lot of products similar to Amazon: a cloud service, an interest for Artificial Intelligence, hardware to sell and a huge availability in the enterprise, and even its own workspace messaging called Teams.

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If Amazon won’t start to build its enterprise ecosystem with software, hardware, and cloud to face competition with Microsoft, it may have to face problems in the long run period.

Helping Alexa penetrate:

Amazon is working on spreading its product Alexa platform. Echo speakers commonly used in homes and hotel rooms, which will help people to check the weather, listen to the news, book cabs and turn lights off by giving voice instructions to the Alexa. Secondly, Alexa is being added to the cars and will help the drivers to get directions via voice instructions.The only missing place is the workplace which is captured by Slack and Alexa has the abilities that you will love, like adding events to your calendar with voice instructions instead of typing to your phone or hiring a personal assistant.

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Amazon is a brand well known for its online shopping platform, but Amazon is trying hard to expand into a multiple numbers of fields which includes food delivery and cloud storage.

Out of top 5 giant tech companies in the USA, Amazon is the only one who is not having a messaging platform. This creates a huge gap in its available services. Apple Inc. has iMessage, has its app “Messenger”, Microsoft Inc. has “Outlook” and “Teams”, and has “Hangouts”.

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Slack is free for use, but it charges its users when they want to avail their premium features which include checking communication history, customer care, and statistical data.

The company reportedly has about 5 million daily active users, with 1.5 million of those paying for the service.

Enhancing the cloud

Amazon Web Services is already dominating the market and is helping IT giants save a lot of money on servers and allowing them to host sites and data in Amazon data centers and use them through the internet. It is seen that the infrastructure is ready so, Amazon is working hard to develop more work tools available with the cloud to capture a bigger piece of market share. Corporate functions of Slack and it’s working with third-party services like Dropbox and Github can help Amazon reduce the feature gap while competing with Microsoft Corp. and Alphabet Inc., and Chime.

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In a conference Kia K. (the Korean car manufacturing company)

‘but it’s adding biz apps to its cloud offerings, like Chime. I think thinking is: “co’s use our cloud, let’s sell them other biz tools too’

— Kia K. (@imkialikethecar) June 15, 2017

‘the benefit would be to build out more biz cloud ecosystem and lock in/steal away from Google (which has G Suite + cloud), IMO’

— Kia K. (@imkialikethecar) June 15, 2017

Amazon can sell you while at work, too

Amazon has a well-grown e-commerce store, that helps people order goods, educational institutions to find books and offices can buy stationary goods on bulk discounts. The company wants to improve the shopping experience with Alexa, which will change the way of ordering goods. Slack has a tight grip in the offices and a huge potential to sell goods.

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Amazon lacks a robust messaging platform

Sure, the 5 million users of slack are very less as compared with Facebook’s 1.2 billion Facebook Messenger users. Messaging waste a lot of mobile users time. Slack could help Amazon to own a well-known chatting platform. People at workplace love Slack’s service—its often bought into the workplace by their fans — and most of them use it in their personal lives, with an aim to organize trips with friends.

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Slack wants access to big business

Since January, when Slack launched a new version mainly for the giant enterprise, it’s been working hard to sell services to big customers like IBM, where they are running tests and more than 35,000 users using it. Amazon can help Slack to fulfill the dream by giving access to giant companies who are already using AWS and other services by Amazon.

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Using Alexa as an ad platform

VoiceLabs, the partner company of Amazon who will allow third-party companies to bring ads has started to implement few seconds ads.

Amazon can use this opportunity to see whether Alexa users allow ads on it, and then add them into Alexa’s skills to speak audio ads.

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