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Tips for Buying Second-Hand Smartphones

Buying Second-Hand Smartphones
Written by bheru lal gaderi

If you are planning to buy a Second-Hand Smartphones then you definitely should take care of something special things. Nowadays many people is use smartphone for a short time. You can purchase Second-Hand Smartphones at low-cost.

Buying Second-Hand Smartphones

 Get Bill and the box with Second-Hand Smartphones

When buying a Second-Hand Smartphones is therefore essential to the bill, because it will let you know if the theft  smartphone is not being sold to you. If you re-sell it in the future or even replaced when the bill could be very useful for you. Take the box with the phone, you can verify IMEI number. If the seller does not give accessories with phone than you can Bargaining for low price.


Priced at Rs 10,000 in the smartphone 2GB RAM is normal now. So important that Second-Hand Smartphones have at least 2 GB RAM. The processor should also check one year old MediaTek processor smartphone’s performance is not good. Snepgn Qualcomm chip smartphones are good.

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Focus on Hardware

Should carefully check the body of the smartphone. See if it’s not Broken. With the laptop and USB cables must bring See charging the correctly or not and files are transferred correctly or not. Try entering the SIM card that the network is working correctly or not.

To check warranty

Sometimes people buy a new smartphone and sell their old smartphone. Sometimes people do not consider when purchasing Second-Hand Smartphones that is in warranty period. That means for you to buy such a phone is profitable. When any kind of trouble, you can take to officialy service center.

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 Stolen or Theft Phones

A very important thing to know when you buy a second-hand smartphones that it is not a stolen or theft phones. If you have any doubts than ask for phone box with the bill, little chance of box with Stolen or phone. IMEI number written on the box dialing * #06 # by your smartphone, match to appears number, if number not match then think matter is wrong. As well as on the websites, please check the number there of said that someone has not put on trekking his stolen phone.

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