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Samsung Note 8 a Great Smartphone in Make?

Written by bheru lal gaderi

Today we are going to talk about the Note-series of Samsung, and see if the Samsung Note 8 going to leave a great impact on the customer base, who are quite feared due to what happened with the Note 7.

Samsung Note 8

Samsung is evident when it comes to its flagship line-ups. The Note lineup and the S-series lineup is one of the most trusted list and the oldest lineup from Samsung till now. Other line-ups from Samsung are dead, and now a new sort of J-series, On-series, and such lineups are there in the store from Samsung.

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Past of Samsung with the Note series

Samsung launched the first Note in 2011, with a screen size of 5.3″. Isn’t the screen size a bit small? Yes, it is for sure by current standards, but back in 2011 phones had a screen size of around 3.5″ to a maximum of 3.7-inches. This made the Note series an extensive handset phone series. The phone was quite popular among the people who needed a phone with a stylus from a reliable company and wanted to play games and watch media on the phone. Then there came the Evergreen Note 2 which was the most sold Note series phone from Samsung and was very famous.

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With the Note 3 and Note 4, Samsung kind of bet the design and performance and ended up having a disaster with those handsets. The devices were high, and were accepted by the public well; still, the sales of those devices were quite small as compared to the Note and the Note 2.  The Note 5 changed the game, with a beautiful boxy design and a glass back with a flat screen which everyone was looking for after Samsung played with the Galaxy S-series by edge screen.

Note 7 was a Disaster

Samsung to make the Note series in line with the S-series of devices skipped the number 6. S-series, Apple’s iPhone both were going to have the 7th number this time, so people might think that the Note 6 is an old device and ignore the phone. So Samsung skipped the number, and this became a disaster for them. This was not due to skipping of the number but indeed due to a small flaw in the battery.

The battery of the Note 7 exploded in planes, and this made airline companies to ban the use of Samsung phones in flight. But later the issue was resolved when Samsung recalled all the handsets and had either the money or a replacement phone to the people.

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Samsung also launched the refurbished Note 7 as Note Fan Edition which was actually on the demand of Fans and was a great value, but this doesn’t make to most of the countries. Now the company is gearing to launch the Samsung Note 8 and let us now actually look whether Note 8 is going to be a deal breaker or not and if Samsung is playing all the cards the right way.

The Samsung Note 8


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Let us first have a look at the rumored specifications of the handset then we will see if the Samsung Note 8 is having all the Aces to top the market. Each year the Samsung Note 8 is focused for the power user and happens to be the best in the class handset from Samsung. The Samsung Note 8 is rumored to come with a 6.3″ display with the new resolution which we saw with the Samsung Galaxy S8 & the LG G6. The display and the back will be covered with the Gorilla glass five which is the toughest solution available from Corning as of now. The phone will feature 6 GB RAM and a Snapdragon 835 chipset or the Exynos 8895, the latest chipset from Samsung group of SoC.

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There are even rumors that Samsung will implement the new dual camera styled rear camera where both the camera will have 12 MP sensors with f/1.7 & f2.4 aperture respectively. The camera will result into 3X lossless zoom. Other specifications hold nothing new and must be noticed once the phone is launched officially.

Right things with the Samsung Note 8

Talking about the good things with the handset, one of the best processors is powering the phone, which will make the phone a great competitor to any handset out in the market currently. There is a craze of dual camera setup across every phone, and even the budget devices have started to get one. This forced Samsung to have one on their top of the line handset at least hence Samsung Note 8 will have a dual camera setup on it.

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Apart from the camera setup, the display of the phone is another great thing which is going with the smartphone. Every time Samsung focuses on the screen of its devices, especially the top-of-the line unit comes with the best display unit out in the market. The best display with a bezel less curved screen, and then a unique aspect ratio, find a nice combination for any handset out in the market.

The Force Touch alternative

Another great feature that Android phones are getting from Apples is the forced touch, we have many devices with this feature, but with Samsung’s implementation, the feature is going to be highlighted just as it was with the Apple. We will have to wait to find out what exactly Samsung is thinking to add in features with the pressure sensitive display on its UI.

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Rumors are pointing to the phone having the speaker inside the S Pen which is quite a lot for a small pen to do. Because till now we have been looking for the S-Pen’s place to have some other use too and seems Samsung have got a way to use the end of the stylus in the right way.

All this binds into an excellent phone with all the bells and whistles; we will have to wait for Samsung to raise up the curtains and showcase the final device. Are you waiting for the Samsung Note 8 to come? Do let us know what you think about the device in the comment section below.

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