How to Protect Yourself on Social Media

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Twitter, Whatsapp etc. have become part of your life. Here you have to take special steps to Protect yourself.




Start Login Verification for your Twitter Account you can also protect yourself. Sign in with Twitter on the computer and go to Settings. Click Security and Privacy Settings there. Email ID must be confirmed before using login verification. From time to time, checking the app on the settings page should keep checking. It shows you which one can use your Twitter profile.

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For protect yourself on instagram Make your account private. Only those people will be able to see and follow your photos, which you will be approving yourself. Apart from this, you can also activate manual photo tagging. Go to the Instagram profiles section and tap on the photo of you. Select the Tagging option by tapping on the menu button. You can choose ‘Menu Menly’.

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Google can protect a Gmail account with two-factor authentication feature. If you feel any another person accessing your Gmail account, check your account activity. In the inbox, a button called Last Account Activity will appear on the lower right side. Click on it and Gmail will show account activity of your browser, time and location. If uncommon, click ‘Sign Out of All Other Web Sessions’ and change the password.

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Whatsapp has brought end-to-end encryption to secure your chats. After turning it on, staff members at WhatSpeap also can not read your chats. Trouble occurs when your phone is lost. Secure the pin of whatsapp before your personal data is handled by the thief. For this, you have to download the second app. If the phone is stolen, with your WhatsApp account. Then immediately issue the new SIM and register your Whatsapp account on any other device. Your account will be deactivated, on the phone stolen from it.

In this way, you can secure yourself on various social media platforms and avoid any problems that may arise.

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