How to Protect Crops from Frost in Winter

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October 30, 2016 is Diwali. Then winter will start and in Winter crop farmers who fear the one troubles that nourish their crops elsewhere frost (cold) are not executed. The round starts again a compliment that nurtures their crops to minimize the effect of any losses. But all you no need to do if you follow the tips below.

From agricultural expert we come with solution of your farming problem. In this special report, you’ll learn today how you can save your crop from frost in winter.

How to protect crops from frost

Irrigation right time –

When the winter so much on farmland than crop need irrigation, so that your crop do not harm from frost.

Fountain irrigation –


If you do not mind a little more hard work in your farmland, than better for you use spray pump nozzle in irrigation on your crop for protect to frost

When you irrigation –


In winter the sunshine doesn’t come in early morning and fog has too much. Better irrigation time is afternoon.

Care of soil moisture –

Keep moisture in soil of your fields is important, it may not respond to the court or to smoke less by frost

Make fire smoke –

The day that you feel may have nurtured, that morning at around 4-5 hrs of your letters on ridges garbage or put fire in west grass and neem leaves. It is born of the emissions in the atmosphere will become a circle and the outside temperature will be 2-3 degrees lower than inside circle temperature. By this way protect crops from frost

The use of fabric –


If you grow vegetables in the winter most important is for you to know the ways to protect vegetables from frost when the frosts (snow) have an impact very quickly on the vegetables. According to scientists better is cover to vegetables in the polyethylene sheets.

Inside the polyethylene temperature is 2-3 degrees lower. You still using polythene sown crop, which is small, it can also be.

How to protect Cumin(jeera) crop from frost

Farmers who planted the Cumin(jeera) seeds , they especially early in the morning, going to farm cumin plants using sari cloth or reduce the danger of frost on the Cumin(jeera) crop or completely eliminate. It also will not spawn production and quality will also be good.

Happy Farming

Bheru Lal Gaderi

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