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Overcharging Kills Laptop Battery

Laptop Battery
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Nowadays we are using a lot of gadgets and software. But unfortunately, we forget about the quality and capacity of our battery, that provides power to our gadget. Like this, Laptop batteries are one of the most important elements that we forget to review carefully when we talk about RAM, GPU etc. I still see a lot of questions that people ask – Should I keep my laptop charger plugged-in all the time? Should I drain my Laptop battery fully before charging it?
The answer to this question isn’t so easy to solve out. We need to know a few things about laptop battery to solve this issue.

Laptop Battery


Basics of Laptop Battery

Most Laptop Batteries are either Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer. Overcharging Lithium-ion batteries isn’t creates any problem and doesn’t affect the battery life span. These batteries can be charged more than 300-500 times, and they have an internal circuit system to stop the charging process while it charges fully. The circuit system prevents overcharging, which can also prevent the lithium-ion battery to overheat and potentially burn. This is a reason of high price of Li-ion Batteries.

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How to Store your Laptop Battery

If you have the plan to do not use your laptop for long period of time, you can extend the life of your lithium-ion laptop battery by keeping the charge at 50%. A fully discharged battery left for a long period of time could lose its charging capacity. I don’t suggest you store the empty battery and should keep your battery in a cool place.

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What Should I do with my Laptop Battery

As I see nowadays most Laptops comes with the removable battery system.  I am not saying that removing laptop battery and cool it down is the best option. The tests performance by Battery University, battery that is charged to 100% will have only 300-500 discharge cycles. On the other hand, if it’s charge 70-80%, it gets 1000-2000 recharge cycles.

Things Should Consider of Laptop Battery

  • Never Keep your laptop in sleep mode for a long time
  • Remove your Laptop battery if you want to do not use your Laptop for a long time
  • Do not use 3rd party charger to recharge your laptop battery
  • Make sure your charging adapter and battery input power is same.
  • Do not charge your laptop with fault electric supply
  • Discharge your laptop battery fully then recharge it again frequently
  • It’s better to buy the laptop which has the advantages of changing laptop battery easily

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Though we are using most sophisticated technology in every gadget and battery although we have to make sure we are using everything within the guidelines that come with the laptops and other gadgets. I am using my Laptop for whole day keeping the charger plugged in. I never found this anything wrong for this.

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