Nokia 3310 (2017) Specifications, Price, Features

Nokia 3310
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Our favorite brand Nokia is back with their very popular Nokia 3310. It is a new version of the original iconic mobile with some cool features that includes a color screen and a slimmer, yet more colorful design.It runs on the Symbian operating system like the original one did, therefore doesn’t have access to the app store and other features that a modern smartphone has. In short words, it’s just a phone

Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 release date

The Nokia 3310 will be available in Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone from may 24.

Nokia 3310 price

Company has declared the cost to be 49.99 euros, so we can accept the price would be approx Rs 3499 for India

Nokia 3310 detailed review

Nokia 3310


  • Text messaging
  • 1.5-inch color screen
  • Snake game \(^_^)/
  • 2.5G network
  • Bluetooth
  • 1full day of talk time
  • Standby time of 1 month
  • Manufacturer: Nokia
  • Review Price: £49.99 ( Rs 3495 )

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Product Description

Nokia 3310

Many of the phones were unveiled at MWC 2017, but none of them caused more stir than the brand new Nokia 3310. As soon as HMD ( owner of Nokia name and brand ) leaked to revive the iconic slab  of unbreakable piece of plastic, the news did spread everywhere

And the rumors were almost true, Nokia 3310 is back. The original Nokia 3310 was my first used mobile when I was 7 years old, and it would be a feel of my childhood when I will pick up the new model.

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The new 3310 is entirely different from the smartphones in today’s market that have quad HD displays, Snapdragon 835 CPUs and 6gb amount of RAM, but then also it is refreshing

This is just a simple phone that is not going to replace your iPhone or Samsung smartphone but can be kept for fro any emergency moment or a festival or maybe can be given to a child as their first mobile

Nokia 3310 isn’t a high-end device, taking the 3310 monikers for prosperity, this isn’t even a smartphone. It’s just a simple feature phone.

Having a look by the demand, which predicts that the mobile will be in short supply at the time of launch due to huge frenzy for them, plenty of people do agree with the same.

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There is no wifi, no 4g, no app store, no Android and no social media access like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. too. Apart from that, it has messaging and a phonebook in which you can store all your family or friends or college numbers.


The 2.4-inch display isn’t a monochrome like the original 3310, but its resolution of 240×320 is far about from 1080p as u=you can get the same.


Nokia 3310

Like most of the Nokia feature phone, the OS of the choice is Series 30+ and the most loved home screen is with a  basic menu attached. There is a messaging  option, a dialer, contacts book, a picture gallery and the most loved game of everything of all time, the snake game

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Snake Game

Nokia 3310

The most loved of all the mobile game is back, although it been seen in a new fresh coat of paint since the last played you must have played. Instead of being confined to right- angle movement, there is a new feature which allows the snake to move in any direction freely.

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I probably started playing the game and thought I will play for only 5 mins then will get back to work but due to the addictiveness, I don’t know how I passed 2 hours. It seems like to be a big hit at MWC, with the Nokia booth packed with folk sitting and playing snake.

Honestly, I wish that Nokia preserves snake in its original format . in the transition of color, it has some of the magic. Maybe I am picky, but it would be perfect for the Nokia company to bring the retro look of the game back


There a browser too, although the phone works on a 2.5G network and there is no access to wifi, you had only been likely to use it regarding an emergency. It’s the opera browser, and Nokia company stated the reason to include it was to allow developing countries a chance to access services like Google, Facebook, etc

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There are couple of more games to be downloaded; there is also a Bluetooth which can allow you to share the games


The color options are super high – the orange/red has a neon glow with them, and it is said that the yellow one will be visible in darkness too.

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