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How to Move files between Cloud Services?

How to Move files between Cloud Services?
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Cloud services are one of the best ways to back up your important data from your PC, Laptop, Smartphone, and tablets. With cloud storage being offered for free a user can easily backup data when they want to and where they want to. All you need is an active internet connection. And with the latest version of many android devices you can even sync your videos, audio, music, images that you take through your camera to directly be stored on you synced cloud storage. Many of the users search for some good sites to watch tv shows online free streaming instead of downloading because they don’t have much space left on their devices. At that moment cloud services provide us much space which we look for.

Move files between Cloud Services

But the problem arises when you want to transfer your cloud data from one cloud services to other cloud services without downloading them. So if you are facing the same issue of how to move files between cloud services without downloading them then you have come to the correct place.

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Because today in this article we will talk about the simplest ways to transfer your existing cloud data to a new cloud service or any other cloud services that you want to. So if you are on any of the following services like Google Dropbox, DropBox, Amazon services, Amazon Cloud, Alfreso, SugarSync, Evernote, The Web.DE, One Drive, FireMedia, WebDAV, Ownclould or another cloud services then you can be sure to transfer your files between each of the cloud and viceversa.

So, without further delay let us look into how you can start transferring data between cloud services relentlessly.

How can Moving files between Cloud be helpful?

Moving files between different clouds can really help as it can conveniently help you to organize everything from one single device. Transferring files between different clouds can easily help you transfer files amongst groups or between different device without the need of transferring the data anywhere else. One of the best features of transferring files between cloud service is that you can easily upload any photo and videos and even download them when you need to from one cloud services to another.

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How to Move Files between Cloud Services?

Moving data between different cloud services are really easy. Follow the steps given below to do it in the easiest way.

Step 1:

First, you will need to sign up with MultiCloud.

Step 2:

Now that you have signed up you will now need to select any 2 of the cloud services between which you are willing to transfer files.

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Step 3:

Click on next and then click on “Add Cloud Drive”.

Step 4:

You will need to sign in into both the cloud services where you want to transfer files between the cloud services.

Step 5:

Now that you are logged into both the cloud account where you want to transfer, you can now start the transfer process.

Step 6:

There are 4 different methods to transfer files between the different cloud’s services.

  • You can either choose to Drag and Drop the files from one cloud to another.
  • Copy file from one cloud and paste it into the other cloud.
  • You can right click on the file that you want to send over and click on “Copy to” and select the cloud service where you want to transfer the file.
  • The fourth step is more like a backup transfer where you need to click on Backup and then you can copy the file that you selected.

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And that is it, this is how easy it is to move files between cloud services for free through MultiCloud account. MultiCloud supports a lot of cloud services so you can be sure to transfer files when you need to by just signing up with MultiCloud and login in into account where you want to transfer the files.

Cloud services are undoubtedly excellent to save your data safely on the air. Hope this article was helpful to let you know how to move files between cloud services. If you are facing any problem then leave a comment below and well will definitely help you out.

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