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Micromax current Strategy to bring any great smartphones in the market?

Written by bheru lal gaderi

Micromax was never a failed company and never will be a fail in itself. Actually, by now Micromax has created a separate niche for itself, and the company is happy living in the niche. But still, there are many who looks an answer to the above question. So let us answer the same by discussing the strategy of Micromax. We will also discuss if some day Micromax will have a deal breaker device or not.


Past Strategy of Micromax

Having a grand plan is the first ingredient of success, and this had one. We will have to start discussing this when it all started i.e. from the debut of Android phones. Till now Micromax was in the lines of Lava, Karbonn and such handsets who used to import rebranded products from China and sell in India. These products from Micromax did work well, and they were targeting the middle-class people who wanted to get some multimedia experience.


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Turn played the right way

Nokia was out of business as they were concentrating on Windows phone, and this was not the future. Hence people also started ignoring their game. Lava and other handset makers were also trying hard to compete with Samsung. But it was Micromax who got each, and every turn played the right way.

  • At first, they started to sponsor Cricket matches. We Indians are crazy any cricket match, and Micromax sponsored one, which made us listen to the name enormous times.
  • Micromax once became the fastest company to start penetrating every city of India with an outlet and a service center to help their customer base to get better support for failed hardware.
  • Most of the people in India need something which looks great and is sort of cost-effective also, and Micromax provided the same with each handset. Samsung used to provide with a smaller size handset and better quality, whereas Micromax got a bulky handset with a large screen size. This made the rural area people love the company

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These were the basic strategy which is used to tackle Samsung with their better devices and a long-term vision.

Current Strategy of Micromax

As we all know Micromax has been importing all of its devices from China, most of the devices used to be available already with some other Chinese ODM. Micromax imported these phones from China, made it feel like they are made in India by giving a simple name and a good Indian looking box. This made people think about the smartphone to be Indian, and hence this resulted in real sales figure of Micromax.

Now also it is following the same pattern. They usually import the phones from Chinese ODM and then sell the smartphones rebranded in India. For most of the part, this strategy for Micromax works a lot, just for the cause that their primary aim is not the highly educated public from City, but they target people from the rural area who just want a multimedia device.

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This even tried of introducing another brand known as Yu Televentures. This brand was Micromax’s bet to launch the budget friendly device which owned some excellent specifications. But they failed there in providing support regarding software as well as hardware.

Should they start developing phones with good specifications?

If you ask this question to anyone, then you will be getting a big no, as the answer. Just for the cause that no one is actually who is buying Micromax in interested to go ahead and buy specifications friendly device. Micromax from day 1 was clear that they are not targeting the one who needs best out of their money. They were targeting the crowd who need to get some good device for the money they are going to invest.

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With current strategy it is enough high time for this to develop some great specification phones, they tried to come up with high priced phones which had killer specs, but it came to be a disaster. The phone had some top-of-the line specifications and was priced around 25,000 INR which is high for the standards of a Micromax phone. In current conditions, although it is a company originating from India, still people think about going with Sony, HTC, or Samsung when they have a healthy budget of around 25,000 INR because they are investing their hard earned money in the right place.

Micromax’s Target

This targets the offline market basically, and not the online market, although most of the phones are available online also, they are not able to grab any great deals there, and most people end up buying it if Motorola and Xiaomi do not have stocks and they need urgently. In the offline market, it is quite difficult to sell a 25,000 INR Micromax mobile because like always the build quality from Micromax is not at par with Samsung, and when one compares it side by side one is going to have Samsung for his loved one, or for him.

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Is Xiaomi & Motorola competitor of Micromax?

This is a childish question, but the answer in one word will be a ‘No.’ In the starting of the article, we made it clear that Micromax has its niche which is different from the one where Xiaomi and Motorola compete. They both have a budget-friendly device for the people who need a good healthy running processor for gaming, a bit of camera photography, and such materials.

Micromax whereas is targeting the people who need a phone in their budget, with the best of number game they can play for the tag. It is not the about high-end performance it is about delivering what Customer needs.

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Should they change the strategy?

As far as changing this policy goes, then it’s magnificent for Micromax to have this strategy because it is working for people. Individuals who believe in it still will go for this and get one device irrespective of the pricing. Mostly the devices are sold in the sub-8000 mark where people still believe in an Indian company rather a Chinese one. If it is grabbing sales in those figures at least then the strategy seems to work, and there is no need to change it unnecessarily.

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So, for now, there are no hopes from this to have some good phones, where we have some great specifications for the pricing, and it will compete with likes of Redmi and Motorola. What do you think about Micromax with this plan? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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