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A Low-End Body or a High-End Body DSLR for beginners

DSLR Camera
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Photography is all about the device you have with you. It doesn’t matter if you are having a low-end DSLR or even a digital camera. You need the view of a photographer, and a good reason to shoot.  Talking about DSLR they have grown in a vast field till now, and if you are going to buy a DSLR, you will get as many as 40 options from a different brand to select one.

Today we are going to help you to find some great options for you, and first, decide if you want an Entry Level DSLR or want to save money and get a high-end DSLR after a month or two. The pictures we take are mainly affected by the lens we use on our DSLR. Lenses play a huge role in the pictures we take via the DSLR. Most of the times it depends on the quality of the lens, so if we have a healthy body, we must have a great lens.

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Difference between an Entry Level DSLR & High-End DSLR

Starting with the difference between these two will make us understand what our requirement is and if we need a High-End DSLR body to make our photographs look great.  Now let us distribute this also in some sub topics which will make us understand the difference between the DSLRs better.

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High-End DSLR have bigger body

DSLR Camera

Usually, we see DSLRs like D7200, 80D, and other such cameras have the larger body than their budget counterparts such as the D3XXX series or the D5XXX series in Nikon and the mid range of Canon too. This makes some pros and some cons, as the higher-end camera is meant to be used by professionals, hence they can bear with it. But they also need a better grip and good control over the camera which they will get with the High-End DSLR.

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While if we look at the small budget DSLRs, they are usually made for learners and for people who need to shoot pictures at home, or of their friends. Hence the portability of the low-end camera makes it big thumbs up for people who need just for the sake of personal use, and not being into serious photography.

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Usually, you might have seen the big camera to have more dials, some controls on the body. While the budget counterpart only has the most necessary buttons over the body.  If you are a photographer then you understand the importance of a single second in Photography, you can miss out some important shots when you were adjusting the settings from the menu. But with the high-end DSLRs, you get almost all the controls over to your Hands, and you can adjust it just by looking into the view finder.

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DSLR Camera

The Budget-friendly DSLR comes with a Penta Mirror ViewFinder which makes it a bit dull, and even due to the lack of buttons we cannot usually make massive changes to setting just while shooting, and we might have to move to the settings option.

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People who just want to click pictures of their loved one, and on an outing they can simply suffer from the delay and is quite ok for them. But for the people who are into photography and need efficiency in every second then you might need to get a better body.

Auto Focus points

This one is totally up to the user using the product. Even the person who uses a DSLR at home and need more auto focus point, just for some accuracy than might want to go for one where he gets more number of the auto focus point. Usually, in DSLRs entry level one comes with around 9 to 11 auto focus points while the higher end one might come with over of 39 to 51 auto focus points.

DSLR Camera

These auto focus points deal with how fast the camera can focus and how accurately it can function.  If someone is shooting sports, then he will need some cross type auto focus points, while one shooting stills can just need as small as one auto focus point.

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This translates that if a studio photographer need not have the points we mentioned above, his work can be done with an entry-level camera also, then this is entirely up to the User, and there are no standards in the DSLR handbook. Even an entry level camera can shoot some pictures which are amazing.

Now let us mix it all up, and have a look if we need an Entry Level DSLR or a High End one.

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Final Battle between DSLRs types

With the above differences, we also gave why you might need one or the other. Now we will help you to choose which points you must concentrate on and even some facts which are not told till now. First starting with the multiple unknown events.

Most of the high-end DSLRs come with a better construction i.e. they are made from alloys which are much stronger than the plastic construction of these smaller range bodies.  Higher-end cameras also provide us with more options to store; most of these come with at least of 2 slots for SD Card while the lower end body has just one.

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Another great point to mention is the higher end body usually have a much better mirror mechanism which makes the device to work for the much longer time, but the arrangement of lower end bodies cannot stand much, and companies claim the sensor to go well as long as 1,50,000 shots.

Now what are the most important factors you must see from the above discussion then they are in priority as follow:

Auto Focus Point > Usability > Body Size

Another point also can be the flappable screen which is important for some people. But we have not got some great top of the end camera to have one hence if you are looking for a flip display then you must go with a perfect mid ranger having the features you need from the above discussion.

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Hope this helps you to make a better decision taking a DSLR. Do let us know with which camera you are going after reading the comparison.

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