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Light Plays an Important Role in Photography

Written by bheru lal gaderi

Photography is directly related to light. Because if there is no light, we cannot photograph a substance and light is the only thing which makes photographing subjects possible. So today we are going to learn more about light in the article so you can improve your photography skills to get some better shots, and experiment with your equipment and get some great shots.


Starting with the basic things, there are two types of light sources, one being the direct light source which can be Sun or a tube light, studio light, your desk lamp or anything else. Another type of lighting is reflected light; this light can be from reflection from anything, say from the reflector which you are using, or reflection from the water body or walls.

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Usually light from any source has some temperature to it. It is the color of the light, cooler light has a bluish tint to it, while warmer light comes with a reddish tint. Now harsh lighting is not best for photography, hence it will also matter if the light is hard or soft. So let us look at some of the crucial roles which Light plays in photography.

Lighting when we are using for photography then it can be looked via these four different factors which we will discuss further more.

  • Intensity of Light
  • Direction of Light
  • Hard Light or Soft Light
  • Temperature of Light

Over the net, there are many beginners who search for settings which they must use in their DSLR or camera to get a better photo in particular condition of light, or some other. So for the first and most important thing, you cannot have some cheat cards which will decide the settings you have to use for the desired picture.

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With each picture you take, you need to set the camera for it; you need to setup lighting for the film, you have to select the angle and many other factors. Even the same photographer cannot get the same photograph two following days with the same settings inside the camera. Before going ahead to Photography things you need to have an understanding of light, and now let us have a look at the same.

How to use light to convey story

As we said with every photograph, we communicate a message via our captured piece. Now to send the message we use light and another factor to start and end the sentence. If we are going to photograph a wedding couple, then we will use a soft light with a slightly warm feel to the light. This will make the photo look much more romantic.


If we are going to shoot a picture which should convey how hard the life is and how severe current situation is then we can easily use some hard lights and have some dark shadows which will express the feeling which we need. We can enhance a particular picture by using the right lighting environment.

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Let us now look at different type of light environment, and what they convey so you can use this in your future shoots to get some nice clicks for your client’s portfolio.

Photographing without flash and in low-lit environment

You must have seen pictures which convey the message of being sad or having a feeling of something lost, or telling some secrets; then we can use a really small lit environment which can be at evening when the sun is about to set, and you have just the natural lighting coming from the window. This type of lighting will be perfect for the situations we mentioned; you can even try some model poses in such cases for a different kind of portfolio.

Using Artificial lights such as Flash or Studio Light


When you want to re-create some joyful moment or want to showcase joyful feeling or happiness in your Photography, then you need some daylight conditions. The white light which comes from the flash of your camera or the lighting setup you are using, when angled correctly, and from the right direction can create many different effects and can leave a great feel on the photo.

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Photographing objects with Sunrise

If you are looking for natural lighting which is soft at the same time, then you need to look for the right season and a good place to Photography in the early morning. This is the right combination when you need to photograph a wedding shoot and need to have some natural shots without using much of soft boxes and reflectors to make it look original.

Use harsh light to add drama to your photos

If you want to showcase some intense drama in the scene, then you can make some hard light incident on the subject at the same time having the sharp shadow at a different part. This way you will be getting some excellent contrast ratios to deal with. This will also depend on the number of light source and how you are using them to an incident on the different part of your Photography.

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With these examples, we have tried to make you understand how to use different lighting conditions to get some great pictures of your client. It’s not just about attaining the correct exposure. You have to use light to get the exact mood and feeling.

Shutter and Aperture

You must not control light to get the right exposure but monitor the shutter and aperture to get the right emotion for the story of your photograph. With different light conditions, the same photo with same camera angle can make a drastic difference, and you can get an example of same in numerous websites. It is totally over you on how you need to setup the light, above were just some examples, you can even mix two of those, and create some drama across your picture.

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If you learned something from the article all about different lighting conditions then do let us know in the comment section. You must go ahead and practice using different light sources, different conditions of light for your photography needs.

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