Top Life Changing Career Trends in Year 2017

Career Trends
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Nowadays every young is in search of good jobs.The lack of jobs in the market.so for you must to know about career trends  in year 2017 so that you can take wright decision on wright time, lets know about life changing career trends.

Career Trends

Career Trends that can change Life

Career Trends are changing in the world.In India after demonetization construction, wedding service and many other businesses which was impacted.Companies are focusing on skills.Whatever the young according to time and market will upgrade their skills, the market will like him. Now that would be interesting to see what sector jobs in 2017.


Jobless Campus

Career Trends

If you are completing graduation from campus than so hard for you get job than your seniors in job placement office.In year  2016 less job opportunity  in IT/ITES sector,this trends me be continue also in year 2017.Due to  automation jobs will cut in industry. Startup face difficulties in obtaining funding.Top recruits will stay away from campus.More hiring,Big package and offer you will not see. You should go out from campus and search job in final year.

Mixed Team Focus

Career Trends

Now companies focusing on teamwork rather than an individual’s intelligence.You should focus on developing soft skills.Excellent written and oral communication must.In the complex environment of the team should develop ways of working.Now companies have learned that the cutting edge of development are necessary to maintain high performance team.

AntiGing Economy

Career Trends

The trend in 2016 was freelancing for the project.Now companies have learned that task-based jobs only from freelancers outsourcing is right.You as a permanent employee of the company has come up with special skills.The company’s high level, creativity and analytical skills to offer is great reward.Team relationship skills, good judgment and ability Adaptability can stand apart from the crowd.

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Tech Democracy

Career Trends

Now the technology has been democratized.Before startup and completely technology companies had the same idea about technology.Now technology has become an important part of every business.If you work in the field of technology it is the golden time.To maintain themselves in competition make strong tech-teem required. Because, the Tech team for solving the problems a new and better path is to tell.

Development of startup jobs

Career Trends

In 2017 the startup of major funding or hiring the billion Voluble eCommerce startups will completely eliminate the trend. eCommerce has come to know the reality, the emphasis is on the size and profitability.Startup is to focus on quality.Education, finance, media, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things is a technology-based startup may find interesting roll.

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Culture fit trends

Career Trends

Now companies to work is not just a matter of skills.Companies now have the feeling that to attract potential Employees do not just roll Market salary.If the employee is not happy in the company while working then there may be trouble.Now employers are trying that when they find someone join the team to keep him happy and satisfied to focus on culture fit.

Agility is a new fixture

Now the meaning of career stability rather than with one employer is extracted from many people involved in working life.Now you have to strengthen your skills, and to verify that the barley has been much demand in the market.

Automation new friend

Career Trends

Automation has not yet encountered at the workplace, then Get Ready.30 percent of IT jobs at one time was recorded as software testing.Now on the automation is captured.Many companies are adopting increasingly Automation

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  • This is a comprehensive and well researched list of the career trends this year. Good one Bheru.

  • Career is a big question for teenagers now a days. Without proper guidance or available resources, one can play hardly with one’s career. This is indeed a good write-up for career trends.