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The iPhone 8 is having all the aces this time?

iPhone 8
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Apple every time gets succeeded in building the hike for the upcoming iPhone. It’s just because there are iPhone fans in the huge number who just want to get an upgrade to the new iPhones. Usually, people say that once an iPhone user will be an iPhone user forever. iPhones from the day it was launched never disappointed the users and had made its way with different forms actually to make up the hype. This time the new iPhone the iPhone 8 is being said to have a new makeover.

iPhone 8

We will see the new iPhone to be different from the one we see right now. From the 1st Generation iPhone to iPhone 7, all had a consistent design language, with some minor changes to make it go with the flow.

This is the first time we are going to have an overhaul to the design language from Apple; it also means that people can like or can dislike the new overhaul which makes Apple throw in a significant blind amount in the game.

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This time this is going to be the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone brand from apple. Hence they are planning to make the smartphone great and amazing something which every other company till now is going on paper. So basically they are planning to make a 3rd phone this time the iPhone 8 because last time it was the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, so as far the naming scheme goes we can plainly make out this time will be the iPhone 7s & iPhone 7s Plus. But this time the third device the iPhone 8 will take the most time at the stage.

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So let us start looking at the rumors of the iPhone 8 and build the smartphone in mind so we can decide if the iPhone 8 a real deal.

Making the rumors of iPhone 8

So starting with the specifications which are rumored let us enlist them and then look forward to what exactly each change makes the difference. The screen this time is said to be an edge-to-edge display, the next important factor is going to be the virtual home button. The iPhone 8 might come with a USB-Type C port which people were looking for from long, but the most important part will be the inclusion of fast charging. Same as the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 8 will also have dual camera technology.

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These were the base specifications which are said to be there on the iPhone 8, now actually discuss each and every thing about the iPhone 8 in detail.


The screen of the iPhone 8 is said to be an edge to edge display and even have a slight curve on both the sides, not as deep as that of the Samsung’s S series but still will have a bit of curve on display. Till now the iPhone we saw had thick and large bezels at all the ends. The chin and the forehead of the phones were enormous, and that is what differentiated the handset from other devices.

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This time the screen is going to be just like the one we found on the Samsung S8 or the LG G6, purely edge to edge. Apple has thought to have a much better area for the sensors and from the camera and is nothing like what we saw on the Xiaomi’s implementation on the Mi Mix. Apple brought in a substantial area onto the screen as an overlay which is housing the camera, sensors and the earpiece.

This is a new modern concept which we will have to look on how Apple will be using the space on either side of the sensor part. Will they show the status indicators there, or we are going to have wastage of space there. This is something we will have to wait to acknowledge.

USB Type C & New Camera Placement

This time Apple is experimenting with the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 will have a vertically placed camera instead of the horizontally one we found on the iPhone 7 Plus. There is a new port on iPhone, which we have never found till now, the USB Type-C this is the new port introduced for more connectivity options and to make a universal cable and port for every gadget out in the market. This looks like Apple is going to use this in the new iPhone.

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Other changes in the iPhone 8

Let us start talking about the biggest change we are going to see in the iPhone 8 apart from these visual difference is the missing Home Button. People liked the iPhone just for the button at the bottom of the display, and it made the phone look great. But this time it looks like iPhone is betting on the On-Screen keys or will have something with the Force Touch this time.

On the software front, there are rumors that iPhone 8 will include the mood lighting from iPad, which will make using the iPhone much better. The phone is also said to have much better waterproofing overall which will make it come with an even higher rating from the last time.

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Brief about pricing

As we know that Apple will have three handsets this time, while the regular iPhone 7s &  the 7s Plus will be priced at the regular pricing with a bit of increase like Apple always does. This time the iPhone 8 will also be there, and it feels like Apple will charge a premium for the number of technology the phone is coming with. The pricing will be around 200 – 250$ more than what the iPhone 7s Plus will be priced.

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All these changes from Apple in the iPhone 8 makes them play a large blind with these changes, and it will be up to people if they are going to like the new iPhone 8 or not. But as far as with the rumors and leaks we can consider the iPhone 8 does Apple to have all the three aces and can make them win the game.

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