Integrated Disease Management in Rabi crops

Integrated Disease Management
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Rabi crops Plant protection measures

Pesticides the recommended amounts and affordable is not bad but we never used it, the simple, straightforward, the only way to become dependent on society and began to use a swipe. This sustained reduction in the number of parasites and predators are Not only is the continued reduction in the number of Insect, but soil pesticide residues in vegetables, milk, cereal and water volume is growing. Environmental pollution of the side effects on humans and animals. Is exposed on the result of the side effects. We have to deal with enemies in a single solution, crop spraying pesticide poisoning adopted.Integrated Disease Management

The Integrated Disease Management

While there are many ways and methods of their crop enemy we can save the crop. Now it has become necessary in view of the results of the chemical should be minimal use of medicines and other Usage Insect and preventing diseases such as agriculture. Actions, mechanical Usage, where possible, to the value of biological factors over all these methods must be adopted, they got together in harmony and wisdom to use the integrated disease management, namely IPM and IDM Kit is called. Here we mustard, gram and wheat under integrated pest management are aware of the practical methods, adopting the farmers can save their crops from enemies. The traction of the priority actions of mechanical biological and botanical methods should be adopted as a last resort the use of poison and insecticides should be limited!

Wheat Integrated Disease Management

Integrated Disease Management wheat-01

Major insect

  • 1, Borer 2. Moyla 3. Spider 4. Termite 5 Tela

Integrated Disease Management termite

Major Disease

  • 1.Julsa, 2. Rowley 3. Exposed Kandwa Kandwa leaf 4. Moyla  5. Tundu Year Cocal

Pest Integrated  disease management

Underground pests

person lying in underground Slumbers pests and weeds to destroy individual eggs deep plowing the farm in summer


Farm to prevent termite infestation of the crop well rotten manure Leven better use should be used to prepare vermicompost

Certified disease-resistant varieties of pest

Insect disease-resistant varieties of certified planting healthy seed treated as secret in the sowing work



Seeds varieties


1.Raj – 3765Rowley resistant
2.Raj – 4037Rowley resistant
3.P.B.W. – 17Rowley and Karnal Bnt disease resistant
4.Raj – 4083Rowley resistant
5.Raj – 4120Rowley resistant, UG 99 Bali Roli Roli particularly resistant insulator
6.Raj – 4079Rowley hot climate tolerant and resistant
8.Raj Moyla Insulators – 1Molya,Roli Waterproof

Fertilizers and nitrogen

According to recommend the use of fertilizers containing nitrogen at high doses increases the risk of pest infestation in the crop


For the control of termites build their houses over the surrounding fields and destroy them, or 20% EClorpirifos. C. at a rate of 0.4 liters per hectare with irrigation and give this action will destroy subterranean termite queen termites automatically from the farm will be eliminated


Borer or the cathartic for preventing parasitic insect pests Trichogramma 50,000 per week, six times per hectare at harvest drop

Blast disease

Scorching to prevent disease within 15 days in the first week of January, 80% or 75% or 3 kg 2.5 kg Jaineb Copper oxychloride 3-4 by spraying a solution of 50% per hectare

 Rowley resistant varieties

Use Rowley resistant varieties where the other varieties are used as a protective measure in the morning or evening hours at the rate of 25 kg per hectare of sulfur powder 2-3 times at intervals of 15 days to Bhurkav

Exposed Kandwa Kandwa leaf

Kandwa bare root plants and leaf Kandwa disease-ridden water and give the disease does not spread and increasingly in May-June for the prevention of solar seed treatment before sowing or Carboksin 2 grams per kg of seed rate of 75% or 50% Karbendejim to treat

Moyla Disease

Moyla 1-2 years for the prevention of disease of barley instead of wheat crop value in 2052 or 2035 or 2503 variety disease resistance genes at work in the fields of disease outbreaks there Leven fields before sowing Carbofuran 3% particle 45 kg 9 0 kg urea per ha sa

Cocal year disease

Cocal year to combat the disease in 20% salt water the seeds treated with the goal of clean water to wash in the shade to dry after sowing

Gram Integrated Disease Management

Integrated Disease Management gram

Major insect

1. Pod borer 2. Ktwarm 3. termites

Major Diseases

1. julsa 2. Root rot 3. Ukta


Integrated pest disease management

Underground pests

Person lying in underground Slumbers pests and weeds to destroy individual eggs deep plowing the farm in summer

Gram Insect disease-resistant varieties

Take insect disease-resistant varieties below the table for sowing work


Seeds varieties


1.G.N.G.- 1581/GangorScorching, Root rot, Scokaita average resistant to blight
2.R.S.G. – 888/AnubhawUkta, Root rot, nematodes resistant
3.C.S.J.D. – 884/AkashUkta, Root rot, Moderately resistant to diseases and Less affected by pod borer
4R.S.G. – 945/AshaLess affected by pod borer, Nematode resistant
5.R.S.G. K. – 6/AsarLess affected by pod borer, Root rot and Nematode resistant
6.R.S.G. – 896 / ArpanUkta, Root rot,B.G.M. Stunt virus disease resistant
7.R.S.G. – 991 / ArpanaResistant to major diseases gram

Seeds Treat

Gram 3 per kg seed before sowing seeds or Trichoderma thiram seed rate of 4-6 grams per kilogram Treat 4. Mixed Crop as mustard sowing of gram to 7 lines after line 25.

Use without a pulse crops

Two to three years without a pulse crops such as corn, wheat, used to adopt the crop circle6.

Wooden base for bird

Integrated Disease Management bird

Farm bird, myna birds and made to sit in the wooden base to destroy these pests feed on

Light trap

Integrated Disease Management light-trap

With light trap to destroy the adult worms. It is harmful insects secure their protection also plays a key role in the production of the crops.pheromone trap and hold LyorsMale moths with pheromone trap and hold Lyors delete and change over time Lyors five times during the harvest period

Pod borer insect

Integrated Disease Management pod-borer

N early pod borer pest. P. V. 250 l. Per hectare rate of use three times at intervals of 10-15 days

Neem pesticide

In the early stages of insects made from neem pesticide use

Ktwarm & Termite

Land for Ktwarm and termite prevention and treatment must Kyunalfos powder 25 kg per ha to 1.5 percent from a month earlier plowing land mix

Pod borer pest

Pod borer pest control 50% of the crop at flowering Bacillus Thurnjianisis (B. T.) 1500 m. Lee. 700 m or neem oil. Lee. The rate per hectare, spraying or before flowering and pod after applying methyl Pirthyyon Melathiyon 5 percent or 2 percent carbaryl 5 partishat

Root rot disease and Ukta

Root rot and disease prevention Ukta 8 to 10 grams of seeds before sowing Hrjeniam Traikoderma friends fungal or 50 percent Karbendijhm W. p. 2 grams or 80 percent thiram W. P. 2.5 grams per prati kilo bij Treat.

Blast disease

75 percent showed symptoms W. P.  of the disease on scorching Mancojeb  0.2 percent (2 grams per liter of water) or copper Oksicloride W. P.  0.3 percent to 50 percent (3 grams per liter of water) or 80 percent W. P.  of sulfur soluble 0.2 percent  (2 grams per liter) Spray the solution.

Musterd Integrated Disease Management

Integrated Disease Management musterd

Major insect

1.Fly Jigsaw 2. Painted bug 3.Leaf Minor 4.Moyla

 Major Diseases

1. Julsa 2. white roliy 3. Tulasita

 Integrated pest disease management

Underground pests

Person lying in underground Slumbers pests and weeds to destroy individual eggs deep plowing the farm in summer

Mustard Insect disease-resistant varieties

Take insect disease-resistant varieties for sowing work



Seeds varieties


1.R.H.-30Moyle is less outbreak
2.P.R.-15Basil and white anti Rowley
3.R.H.-9304Moderately resistant to white Rowley
4.R.H.-9802Moderately resistant to white Rowley
5.Bio-902Basil White Rowley and fade resistant disease
6.R.G.N.-73Rowley and anti-white leaf spot disease


To avoid the wrath of Moyla before sowing should be 15 Octomber

Nitrogen and Fertilizers

A balanced intake of fertilizers to use only use nitrogen fertilizers more sensitive crop makes Moyla.

Lifmaner insect plagues

Lifmaner insect plagues Husbands should break down into the ground so that the hidden Krimicosh husbands to ruin.


If possible, to avoid the wrath of Pentedbug sowing 3 to 4 weeks after the first irrigation should be.

Harvest Time

The golden color of the crop should be harvested and the crop that should urgently Mdhai not damaged.

Neem Pesticide

In the early stages of insects made from neem pesticide use.

Moyla, Painted bug and the fly to combat

Moyla, Painted bug and saw the fly to combat Kyunalfos 1.5% or 5% malathion or carbaryl methyl Perathiyon 2% or 5% of 20-25 kg per hectare rate of powder to morning or evening tomorrow Bhurkav

Leaf Miner

To combat the Leaf Miner moth Kyunalfos 25% or 600-700 min. Lee. Or methyl Parathyon 50% e. Dava dissolved in water per hectare Spray

Rowley and white party Tulsita symptoms of diseases

Rowley and white party Tulsita symptoms of diseases Mancojeb 2 kgs per hectare to 75% or 80% rate of 2.5 kg Gineb cropping season on the 50 and 70-day state dissolved in water and spraying the crop spraying Aavshyktanusar these 20 days Repeat at intervals of

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