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Top 8 Tips to Improve Smartphone Battery Life

Smartphone Battery Life
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Nowadays every person is worried about the mobile phone’s battery. Most people complain that the battery of their phones is quickly over. To avoid this, you should take care of certain things:-

Smartphone Battery Life


Very smart smartphone battery

Mobile phone trends have increased tremendously, but today there is much confusion about mobile phone batteries in people’s minds. Some people think that the phone should not be used for charging. If you are not using bad third-party chargers then you can use the phone during charging.


Some people think that the use of the charger of the other branch harms the battery of the mobile phone. The truth is that the other branch’s chargers do not work properly, but fake chargers can spoil its condition. Therefore, it should stay away from the fake charger. Never buy cheap fake chargers. You can also purchase off-brand charger.

Do not hang up the handset

Excessive power can damage your gadget forever. You should not hang your handset through the power outlet via the wire. Doing so may damage your phone’s power connector. Once the mobile phone is fully charged, you should remove it from the power outlet.

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Charging at night

Some people refrain from charging the phone overnight because it feeds them to damage the phone batteries. The truth is that smart smartphones are far smarter than that. Once the battery of the smartphone is full, it automatically turns off charging. After charging the batteries is not used.

Make phone switch off

Some people never switch off the phone, while your mobile phone should also be comfortable. To increase the battery life of the phone, the phone should be disconnected from time to time. Experts believe that at least once a week, your mobile phone must switch off.

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Impact on heat

It is true that the heat has a bad effect on the battery. the lithium-ion battery is heated and becomes even hotter during charging. Cold weather also has a bad effect on phone life. Cold battery gets worse even more quickly. If the phone is kept at the temperature specified by the companies, then the phone and the battery stay fit.

Empty it or not

Many people believe that until the phone is completely switched off, do not charge it. The truth is that daily charging of phones is better than doing Deep Charging from time to time. Frequently the battery of the phone is over, and then it becomes unstable. When the battery is full, one cycle ends.

Care of special things

If your phone is quickly discharged then first check that the battery is not damaged. Separate the battery from the phone and rotate on the flat ground. If your mobile phone’s battery goes smoothly, so understand the battery has blown out that is the time to change the battery

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