Sulfur Importance and use in crops

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Farmers mostly in agriculture d. A. P., Urea, potash and including sometimes Mop use of sulfur in the soil nutrition are essential elements in the fourth, Consequently there has been a widespread lack of this element in soils are, Testing of soil samples in various districts of Rajasthan 20 to 40% reduction of this element found in soil, The soil in which 10 p. P. M. And less sulfur, crashes, says soil sulfur deficiency, Soil testing the soil to produce more sulfur-containing fertilizer requirement should.


The importance in crop

  1. Contribute significantly to the production of proteins.
  2. Chlorophyll helps produce leaves.
  3. Enhances the functionality of enzymes in plants.
  4. Are helpful in the creation of mustard oil glycosides.
  5. That increases the amount of oil in pulses per cent.
  6. Tobacco, vegetables and fodder crops can enhance the quality of.
  7. That increases the amount of starch in the potatoes.

Symptoms of deficiency

Seeing signs of growing plants and plants by chemical analysis of the quantity of sulfur in plants that can be detected, Sulfur symptoms of lack of are the first response to the new leaves, which remain after nitrogen.

  1. New leaves are yellowing becomes.
  2. Seed matures relatively late and including food crops are not mature properly find.
  3. Cities in the developing joints holding pulses fade consequently have an adverse effect on biological Nitrogen.
  4. Fodder crops have reduced nutritional properties.
  5. Stalk Cotton leaf becomes red.
  6. Mustard leaves are cup-shaped. And including the lower surface of leaves, stems turn red.


The concentration of sulfur in the reduction of its-containing plants

45 -55 days old, as determined by experiments of rice, wheat, sorghum, etc. based on the dry matter content of 0.1 to 0.2% of sulfur in plants that indicate deficiency. Similar concentrations of this element Groundnut, mustard, soybean, etc. indicate a lack of this element from 0.1 to 0. 25%.


The main source

The sulfur-containing fertilizers supply elements can be used as a table.


The increase in yield by the use

The use of sulfur has been found to increase crop production uncertain.


Approved amount for crops

It has been found in various researches for most crops the quantity of this by 20 to 40 kg per hectare approved, And including oilseed crops than food crops to feed crop large amounts of this approved


Sulfur (%)

The method used

Ammonium24Basal dressing before sowing or planting time as sulfate and Topdressing as to the standing crop
single super phosphate12May the time of sowing as Basal dressing
Elemental85-1003 to 4 weeks before sowing the wind to cool the earth, sulfur communication
Pyrite22-24Suitable for wasteland, land on the surface of 3 to 4 weeks before planting in moist soil should
gypsum13-18Selected crops that require high, 3 to 4 weeks before sowing should be used in moist soil




K.g. Slf./hec.

1.Food Crop(Wheet,Corn,Rice)24-40
4.Feed crop25-50
5.Tuber crops(patoto)25-60


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