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How to use an Action Camera to Shoot Better Video

Action Camera
Written by bheru lal gaderi

There are many features in the action camera. With help of Action Camera, you can simplify many of your life work like sport, games, race and other movements also. So friends lets talk about how to get better advantage from it.

Bicycle wheel and handlebar mounts

Handlebar mounts are easily available for action cameras. You can easily mount these on bicycles or motorbikes. Once mounted, the landscape-wide video of the landscape offers a great view of the video. You can also create fantastic type laps videos from it. If you want a unique angle then you can install the camera near the front/rear wheel axle.

Action Camera

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From Amazon and eBay Global Easy Buy, you can take a bracket on action camera at 3100 rupees and install the camera on the front axis of your bike. If you do not want to spend too much money, you can watch tutorials on a DIY mount for YouTube and prepare your own Makeshift DIY mount.

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Sports equipment

A common perception about the action camera is that it is good just for extreme sports like surfing, skydiving or snowboarding. If you play a traditional game, you can still record from the unique angle with the help of the action camera. For example, you can mount the camera on a cricket bat, tennis racket, volleyball net, golf bulb or basketball hoop.

Action Camera

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Action camera can get a unique video. Most action cameras support high-frame-rate recording. In this way, you can improve your game with the help of this. You should set the camera on the tripod or put the camera on the angle, where your movement can be covered. You can later analyze the footage or take a suggestion from a professional.

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Take advantage of Action cameras size 

Action cameras feature that their shapes are compacted and they lose weight. You can attach them to the unique placements with different mounting connections. The action camera can be set on roller coasters, on the side of the car, on the chandelier of the room, on top of any other camera, on skateboard, kite or on the balloon of helium. In this way, you can get videos from different angles. If you have to use the action camera on the beach or in the swimming pool, a waterproof housing can be used.

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Work as a dash camera

Despite the many advantages of the dash camera, people do not know much about it. if you do not want to spend too much on the dash camera, you can Change your existing action camera into it. Due to its wide-angle lens, it easily covers the whole view of your car. A car mount is available in the market, which can be attached to the car’s front windshield or Rear view mirror. This mount contains an extensible arm, on which you can mount your action camera and use it as a dash cam.

Action Camera

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Friends, you can create the superb video of events, games, extreme sports like surfing, skydiving or snowboarding races etc., which make you thrilling around you using an action camera. Hope you have liked this article. If you have any suggestions related to it then just suggest your suggestions in the comment box so that we can make it even better.

Thank you.

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