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Should we go for the upcoming JIO Phone?

JIO Phone
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Jio has made an excellent impression in the views of their customer base by offering the internet at a low rate. Let us first see how Jio has a great impact then we will move with if JIO is doing all things right with the JIO phone and should we go for the phone or not. So let us have a brief look at the Journey of JIO which they opted to get the attention of people.

JIO Phone

Journey of JIO

JIO back in 2015 started its operations of making into a new operator with a 4G only scope. JIO started its various employee only plan. Later these plans made ways to Samsung only handsets. This all started with people getting multiple free offers like getting unlimited internet with a speed of over 30 MBPS or even 90 MBPS when the coverage was excellent.  All this made ways for JIO to leave a positive thinking in the views of people just for the cause they were getting unlimited calling and unlimited internet for free.

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Unlimited calling

At the AGM, JIO also announced about unlimited calling for lifelong over VoLTE till you are having any Internet package working on your handset. This also made people get overjoyed just for the cause that everyone needed to talk with their friends but as calling was limited due to over expensive plans, people were restricted. With the income of JIO people started to make long conversations which made JIO more accessible and reliable.

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JIO data plan

With the JIO plan of 303 & 399 people overjoyed because if we recall the rates which Reliance, Idea, Airtel used to offer us was around for 200 INR for 1 GB 3G/4G data. JIO provided a cost effective 10 INR for 1GB 4G data at high speed while rest was unlimited at a capped speed limit.

Talking about some of the achievements of JIO till now:

  • JIO officially launched in September 2016, and within 170 days of its inception, they were able to grab over 100 million customers.
  • Every second JIO gets over seven new clients who are also a great achievement for a new company.
  • Daily over 1 Crore Hours of the video is watched via Users over the JIO network.
  • JIO have over ten lakhs retail partnerships.

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These were some of the achievements of JIO; now let us look if JIO has played all the cards in the right way to achieve the success in the JIO Phone column also.

JIO playing well with the JIO Phone?

They plotted the game into the right way. At first, they made users actually in habit to have the internet daily. It’s a human tendency that if we are getting something in excess, then we will use it in every possible way.

If you recall earlier people were happy with 1 GB of data a month, but currently even the unlimited data at times feel a little less. This way JIO made people use their cell phones battery on cost. People usually get low battery issues due to heavy calling.

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JIO then announced the JIO phone which came with even more benefits. Now let us first look at the features and freebies we are getting with the JIO Phone.

Features of JIO Phone

The phone is a standard feature phone but comes with one of the best chip inside it. Unlike ordinary feature phones, this chip is made to work on 4G VoLTE so we might also see the use of Snapdragon 200-series chip which is used in smart watches.

Firefox OS

The JIO phone will work on Firefox OS based operating system, and it enables us to get different updates and apps which will be powered by JIO on the phone. Every JIO service which we get on our android phone will be carried forward to the JIO phone, which makes the phone to be an excellent bet.

NFC feature

The JIO Phone will be capable of having NFC feature, which will make it future proof. We will be able to make payments via the phone in future. Reliance also claimed that Whatsapp would also be there on the phone after a few months of launch.

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Watch Videos On Demand

Reliance has also announced of a different cable which will enable you to watch On Demand Videos on your TV by connecting the Jio phone to your non-smart TV. The cable will not be bundled with the phone but will be available to purchase separately.

Now let us talk about pricing and plans which we will get with the JIO phone so that we can have a better look at the strategy of JIO with the JIO Phone

Pricing and Availability

The JIO Phone is priced at an efficient pricing of 0 INR. Which is typically you have to deposit 1500 INR at the starting, and you can claim the amount after three years by submitting the device. For this, while you will be able to use unlimited calling and Internet facility on the phone for as low as 149 INR per month, which is one of the best offers from JIO till now.

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If we look closely, the JIO Phone will typically cost 1500 INR, and there will be no tax on the amount. The phone gets a 1-year warranty; hence there is no solid way that we can say the phone will be in working condition for the whole duration. Also, 3 year is a long time, in this time duration the phone can get lost, or can accidentally be broken. This case will benefit JIO because they will cease to be paying tax on the amount.

Look at the features of JIO Phone and the costing; it is cost effective with JIO offering services at low costs. But till now 4G coverage is not in the rural areas, and still, Airtel and Idea are having a better coverage than JIO. Still, JIO has made a good reputation, and there are going to be a full number of people who will be in lines in from of JIO digital or JIO Express Mini to get the all new JIO Phone. Will you be there for the JIO Phone? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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