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Genuine Software you must use for Protect your self

Genuine Software
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Piracy market is dominated in the current period. In such a way, the price of genuine software has decreased considerably. Software Company is also offering low-cost monthly plans. In this case, you can use cheap rate licensed genuine software.

Genuine Software will make your every difficulty easy

Nowadays, the trends of completing their work have begun with the help of useful and genuine software. Follow it to avoid any kind of difficulties in your work too.

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Microsoft Office

Genuine Software

Price Rs. 360 par Month

Price Rs. 3629 par Year

One of the most pirated software suites for Office Windows and Mac users. The stated price is for the personal edition of Office 365. You can install it on a PC or Mac, a tablet, and a Smartphone. It allows you to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access.

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Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

Genuine Software

Price Rs. 676 par Month

Price Rs. 8112 par Year

Whenever it comes to photo editing, users prefer to use Adobe Photoshop or Light Room (often both). Adobe offers detailed features. At Single Creative Cloud Account, Adobe offers users to both Photoshop CC and LightRoom CC at a lower price. It also provides access to LightRoom, Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Mix, Adobe Spark Page, Adobe Spark Post, Adobe Spark Video, Adobe Premiere Clip and portfolio website service for mobile.

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Security Suites

Genuine Software

Price starts from Rs. 499

People like to save money in this field. Because many free options are available. The Free Option gives the Committee Protection. Most vendors (Combined Sky, AVG, Norton, Mackcaffe, Avast, Asset etc.) offer combinations of features such as firewall, parental controls, online backup, spam control, Anti-theft when buying a security suite. Regular updates and handy utilities are also offered.

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Computer Maintenance

Genuine Software

Price starts from Rs. 499

If you want your computer to run smoothly then it should take regular care of it. This care should be at both hardware and software level. Free software can be used for this purpose if it is the ability to solve the basic issue by detecting it. To keep the computer in shape, you can use pre-utility software like Avi Tune Up, Gallery Utility Pro, System Mechanic, C Cleaner Professional, and Clean My Mac.

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Genuine Windows operating systems

Genuine Software

Price – Rs. 7999 Windows 10 Home Edition

Many people do not take preloaded operating systems with PC to work their way, then there may be trouble later.

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Apple computer comes preloaded with OS X operating system. However, when it comes to other brands, users can take desktops and laptops with and without Windows. If you choose a computer without preloaded operating system, then the difference in price ranges from about Rs 3000 to Rs 5000. However, buy the computer with the operating system is also saved money. If you later install Genuine Windows 10 on your computer then you will have to spend Rs 7,999 for the Windows 10 Home Audition, while for Windows 10 Pro Audition, you have to spend Rs 14,999.

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Google storage

Genuine Software

Price – Rs. 130 par month for 100 GB

Google’s default free storage for ordinary users is a lot. However, if you use all of Google’s services (G-Mail, Photos, Drive, Dock, etc.) then you feel within a few months that Google’s free storage is not enough for you. Google offers the cheapest cloud storage option. This space can be used on all its services. You can spend money for online storage in the current time.

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Cloud Storage

Genuine Software

Price – Rs. 700 par month for 01 Terabyte

If you want to store and sync data on multiple devices, then Dropbox may be the best option for you. Its free account gives 2 GB of storage. If you want to save a lot of data on the cloud then it blossoms in a few days. If you want, you can use Dropbox plus plan. It offers you 1TB storage. The special thing is that you can connect unlimited computer or device to your account in it.

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Video Streaming

Genuine Software

Price start from – Rs. 49 par month

Now there are many video streaming services in India. You can enjoy a lot of movies, TV shows and documentaries on the device of choice. You can get the service of Amazon Prime Video (Rs 999 per year), Netflix (500 Rupees), Hotstar (Rs 99 per month), Altabalji (Rs 100 per quarter), Airtel movies (Rs 49 per month.

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Music Streaming

Genuine Software

Price start – Rs. 89 par month

There have been many streaming services for music lovers. Most feature free streaming. If you want a paid option then you will get advanced features such as offline playback, good quality streaming and an ad-free experience. Gana (Rs 297 per month), Savan (Rs 99 per month), Google play music (Rs 89 per month), Apple music (Rs 120 per month), Hangama (Rs 99 per month), Vink (Rs 99 per month for Android), you can use.

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The present time is to complete every task fast. Everybody is engaged in the world with the help of computer and internet. In this haste, it is necessary to determine whether the software you are using on your computer is legal or not.

Loss of pirate software

If you are not using genuine software then your machine may be spoiled, your invaluable work, data, privacy, personal information, etc. can be stolen and in the wrong hands.

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No customer service

If you are using pirate software and you can not get any customer service from a vendor in any kind of trouble.

You can be legally also proved wrong.

Benefit of Genuine software

If you are using the genuine software on your computer and you have any problems, you can contact the company’s customer service and get help.

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Regular software updates

If you use genuine software, then from time to time the software updates are received by the company and your software updates and protects you from any kind of hassle. Such like data being corrupted, software not working properly etc.

So be careful Friends

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