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How will the Future Smartphone Technology

Future Smartphone
Written by bheru lal gaderi

In the last few years, smartphone technology has undergone rapid changes. Now you can do anything from your smartphone. There are many apps in the market that can make the features of your mobile phone infinite. If it is said that mobile technology is a lot more advanced then there will be no hyperbole.Nowadays every new day launches a new smartphone in the market. Every smartphone has some unique features. Talking about the Future Smartphone, the picture is not clear yet, but there are some features that can be seen in Future Smartphone.

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Future Smartphone

What Technology Will Change in Future Smartphone

A few years ago people used to use mobile only for making calls and sending SMS. Now the whole world has collapsed in the smartphone. There will be major changes in the coming time. Let’s know about Future Smartphone technology

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Biometric Password

Future Smartphone

The time is near when no person will need to memorize the alphabetic or numerical password. The reason for this is a special feature – ocular scanning or eye van biometrics. This feature can be in Future Smartphone. By the year 2018, this technology can come in the market. The technology company Eye Verify is engaged in developing this feature. According to the company, this technique will be three times more secure than fingerprint ID. People are enjoying many smartphones equipped with fingerprint IDs. But in the future, biometric passwords will be used for smartphones.

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Waterproofing Technology

Future Smartphone

Now the phone will not be afraid to fall into the water. Upcoming Future Smartphone can come with new waterproofing technology. However, companies like P2I (Eridon), Liquipel, HZO (Water Block) are giving this technology to companies making phones. This can happen in the iPhone 7S and the Samsung Galaxy S3S. The market will change a lot from waterproofing.

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Fast OS

Future Smartphone

Nowadays every person’s smartphone is filled with a variety of apps. The demand for faster and stronger operating systems is increasing. The Android operating system constantly changes itself. This is the reason why the new versions of Android come into the market. Android naught is about to launch shortly. It is currently available for Motorola’s selected handsets. The best feature of this operating system is that it offers Virtual Reality Experience. It has multi-window view access to apps. It has multiple language settings in it.

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Voice Control

Future Smartphone

The way the Speech Recognition Engine launches. It has got the attention of the whole world towards the voice control feature. Although this feature is already present in many mobile phones like iPhones, Advance Voice Control Technology is still in development. Soon this technology can come in the market. The combination of voice control and gesture can change the way users use the smartphone. In the coming times, users will be able to commands with voice control.

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Fold Screen

Future Smartphone

You would never have imagined a folded smartphone, but the technologist is busy making such a Future Smartphone. This can be possible. Many times a large screen is needed to play games and watch movies on a smartphone. It is also necessary to keep it portable so that it can be easily accessible in the pocket. That’s why the smartphone’s screen is being made foldable. Organic Light-Imaging Diode (OLED) technology is being used for this. It will be a thin screen like a paper, which can be used on both sides at the same time.

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