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It is often said that do not play with fire, it will burn. But playing with fire can make career path easier. No one can claim this thing The fire will or will not look.  If there is no fire then there is no problem but if it takes, such a man or a team needs to the nature of the fire, the reasons for the fire, the methods of fire extinguishing, the fire extinguisher and the people in the fire are aware of the skills of the safe exit.so let’s talk about Career in the field of Firefighters.


Nature of Work

The main functions of Firefighters are to find out the main reasons for the fire and to analyze the measures to stop it. Firefighting is areas related to civil, electrical, avionic engineering. For example, the aim of protecting fire and equipment, sprinkler systems, alarms, accurate use of water, minimal time and resources is to protect more lives and work.

Educational Qualification for Firefighters

In Firefighters field, it is necessary to have courage, patience, with the leadership quality and the ability to take quick decisions. So that any big disaster can control. For admission to diploma or degree, it is mandatory to pass 12th. BE (fire) degrees are mandatory for some posts. All India entrance exams are for admission. It is compulsory to pass along with chemistry in Physics or Mathematics subject with 50% marks.

Every post has different work

Those who want to reach the height of the career while playing fire, from these diplomas to BE (fire) they can reach these positions-


Fireman is the person who, directly battles the fire. Firemen teams are stationed at every fire station.

Leading Fireman

After becoming a Firefighters(fireman), after passing the departmental examination, leading firemen can be made. This is an important post.

Sub officer

The leader of any fire tender is a sub-officer. Under whose control there are firemen and leading officers. It assesses the situation and guides it. How to prevent the fire from consuming the least amount of damage.

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Station officer

Fire Station is the main station officer. It leads the team to the fire station and keeps the whole information of its area.

Divisional officer

It works like Assistant Divisional Officer. A Divisional Officer is deployed on three Assistant Divisional Officers.

Chief Fire Officer

Chief Fire Officer is the boss of the entire fire department. The department runs through its monitoring, instructions, coordination and inspiration.

Assistant Divisional Officer

The entire state is divided into different divisions. And every division’s information is the Assistant Divisional Officer.

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Deputy Chief Fire Officer

Deputy Chief Fire Officer discharges the coordination, work, area division, administrative responsibilities of the entire fire department.


Research in the field of Firefighters (fire protection) was not first in India, But now it is also happening here. So far few such companies have done this, But the big campus companies are now continuously recruiting fire protection engineering.

Physical ability

Physical abilities are also seen with academic qualifications. The minimum length for men is 165 centimeters, weight 50kg, Women are minimum 157 centimeters long, and the weight is minimum 46 kg. Eye Vision is 6/6 for both, and ages 19 to 23 years.

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Salary package

The basis of the salary of the Firefighters(fireman) in government or private organizations is different. There is a difference between the two. In government institutions where the salary of a fireman is ten thousand rupees per month. At the same time, the fire engineer gets twenty thousand rupees and the chief fire officer gets a higher salary. Compared to this, private companies operate here Fireman gives between 12,000 to 14,000, fire engineer 20000 and the fire officer for 25,000 to 30000 rupees per month. Private institutes give priority to those who have a few years of experience here. By the way, the basis of the salary in private companies is the self-worth and experience of themselves. Different companies decide the salary according to their capacity.

Which are the courses?

You can come to such a field of Firefighters a course such as PG Diploma in Fire and Safety, PG Diploma in Fire and Safety, BSc in Fire Engineering, Certificate Course in Fire Fighting, Industrial Safety Supervisor, Rescue and fire Fighter, Technology and Industrial Safety Management.

Said – Opportunity

Director of Delhi College of Fire Safety Engineering,  According to Z.S. Lakra, there is the immense potential of employment in this field. Architect, building construction, insurance assessment, project management, refinery, gas factory, plastic, LPG, chemical plant, multi-storey buildings and employment opportunities at the airport are available.

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Major institution for Firefighters

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur


Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, was established in 1951 in the Green Sprawling Campus spread over 2,100 acres in 1951. B.Tech (Honors) in various branches of Institute of Engineering, B.Arch (Honors) in Architecture, Dual Degree Program, M.Sc. Program approved in Science subjects, Two-year M.Sc. The program, M.Tech / ACP / MBM / MMST offers postgraduate diploma and Ph.D. degrees.


National Fire Service Agency, Palam Road, Nagpur


Delhi College of Fire Safety Engineering, New Delhi


DCF.S.E. During the courses operated by the students, arrangements have also been made to provide Practical Attachment for one month in Delhi Fire Service, during this, the students are sent to the stations operated by the Delhi Fire Service, where they are given the experience of live firefighting.

Delhi College of Fire and Safety Engineering has highlighted the new ray of hope for the youth. DCFS I. Courses run by:

  • One-and-a-half year Diploma in Health, Safety, and Environment (12th pass)
  • One Year Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management (12th pass)
  • (Whose validation is equivalent to the SO Course, NFSC, Nagpur)

‘Six-month Fire Fighting Safety Certificate (10th pass)


College of Fire Technology, Ahmedabad



International Institute of Fire Engineering Safety and Security Management, Pune


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