Fenugreek Advanced Technology of Production

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Fenugreek is cultivated all over India. Only the leaves are used in the vegetable. Its seeds are used as a spice. Fenugreek protein – along with Vitamin C is found in plenty. In India use of fenugreek is used as vegetable and spice, its leaves and tender beans are used as vegetables. Dried fenugreek seeds used as spice and is used in herbal medicines.

Origin and Details


However fenugreek North West parts of northern India were found growing in the wild for a long time, yet its origins in Eastern Europe, Ethiopia is consider, In India it is mainly northern India, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, is grown in.

Climate for Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a cool season crop and even supports the invasion of frost picks; the vegetative growth requires lengthy cold weather

Land and its preparation

Fenugreek is the autumn harvest; it is used as a rabi crop production, The high rainfall areas is very low cultivation, Sandy loam and clay loam soil for the cultivation of fenugreek is best, Which should be proper management of drainage, soil pH values for cultivation should be 6 to 7

Sowing of Fenugreek

Sowing areas in the plains of northern India from mid November to mid-September is the perfect time. For only Leaf it to be sown in February also. April is the perfect time of sowing in mountain areas. Kasuri Fenugreek should sow in October.

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Improved varieties

Advanced racial fenugreek like Pusa early banching, kasuri Methi, lame selection 1, Rajendra Kranti , Hisar Sonali, Pant Ragini , M.H.-103, C.O.-1, R.M.T.-1, R.M.T.-143

The Quantity of seed

General fenugreek seeds 25 kg in par hectare, Kasuri  seeds 20 kg is enough.

Sowing methods for fenugreek

Is sowing the Fenugreek seeds of two types

  1. Stripped sowing

By dividing farms into small beds give seed slipping away and Covered with a thin layer of soil that gives them away

  1. Sowing in rows

Inter cultivation practices to production more to take Is very useful in sowing in rows. The distance between rows 20 to 25 cm, and 10 cm distance between plants should. Before sowing the seeds should be planted and treated with Raizobium culture Melolori

Compost and fertilizer

Mature dung manure 100 to 150 quintals per hectare in field preparation time should last plowing. Simultaneously 40k.g. Nitrogen, 50 k.g. Phosphorus, potash 50 kg per hectare as elements should. Phosphorus, potash and nitrogen in half the volume of the entire volume of the field in preparation for basal dressing and half the amount of nitrogen in top dressing should be in two parts. After the first 25 to 30 days, and another 40 to 45 days after sowing the crop and the remaining half should. The remaining amount divided into several parts of nitrogen after each cutting insert.


Fenugreek is reasonable enough moisture in the soil is essential for sprouting. The lack of moisture in the field should be a light irrigation. From 7 to 10 day intervals should balance irrigation. 5-7 are sufficient irrigation. Pods and seeds should be not lack water in the field of construction time.

Weeding – hoeing

As needed weeding – hoeing to get more yields. After the second irrigation when soil is not wet to the light hoeing. Flukloralin for weed control prior to planting 0.75 kg / he. should be sprayed at a rate of. And 50 days after the weeding should once.


About 4 weeks after the first harvest of seeds sown in general. The plants are cut from very close to the ground, then 4-6 harvesting after transplantable than Send the market is tied in bunches. But usually is not pulling up plants, after 2-3 harvesting the plants leave,  The seeds could be taken from them.


When Crops is sown to achieve only Leaf, than 90-100 quintals per hectare yield. If the crop is grown for both leaf and seed, 2 to 3 leaf harvesting, 15 to 20 quintals leaf and after 8 to 10 quintals of seeds receive. Only when the Crops is grown for seed production, seed production is 12 to 15 quintals

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