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Digital Wallets (Cashless) How to Use

Digital Wallets
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Demonetization of the present situation the Digital Wallets was the biggest gainer, As of Digital Wallets is to focus on the users and Transition, Well it is they are offering more service. lets know about Digital Wallets.

Digital Wallets

Many work can do with Digital Wallets

The Digital Wallets could be a lifeline for everyone .  There are not hard to use. There are many things that can do, About which very few people are aware. Learn about some features of the Digital Wallets.

Immediately accept payments with Digital Wallets

Digital Wallets

Hey, if you are traders  than in a few minutes you can accept the Digital Wallets. Funny thing is of the additional equipment such as card scanners or computers are not needed. You just need to sign up with your mobile number. Your mobile number and a page with a cod can also printout. Most digital wallet to give you the choice. In his phone to the customer must be installed mobile wallet app. Point your phone and you will print subscriber, you’ll pay the amount and Inter  As a merchant, you receive instant notification of funds.

Payment transfer in Bank Account

Digital Wallets

Paytm also was successful the recent incident of demonetization the situation has changed significantly.If you are paying using Paytm, you can add money to the digital bank account . Paytm fee reduction is as 1 percent . This feature is for all customers, regardless of whether they are in KYCC complaint. Non KYCC complaint customers limit is Rs. 10000/-. For security reasons any new paytm customer have to wait three days for paytm balance transfer in bank account . if you submit your KYCC documents than no need to wait for three days.

Cash on Delivery

Digital Wallets

Its thanks to E-Commerce boom that can now easily find every product. IN the Tier 2, Tier 3 cities reduce the number of physical stores. So, the product arriving with the feature of cash-on-delivery. Cash on delivery is a good medium of payment.

Transition to Online Virtual Cards

Digital Wallets

There are many people in the country who have a bank account, but they can not go to the bank. Others whose bank account has no online banking facility. Some people do not know use the card for online Transition. For such people, the virtual cards that can also be helpful.Virtual cards are like debit cards, which are pre-set spending limit, the amount can be loaded into it, and can afford to have any

No Cash – Use Simpl

Digital Wallets

No cash just us simpl app, It works with several retailers such as Bookmyshow, fsos, ZIpgo,Zimber etc, Download simpl app on your smartphone and register with one user, when you shopping at supported vendor then you can choose sinple for payment. This collecte your shopping bills and pay between 1 to 16 date of every month. by this you can save your time.

Download link –

Nearby Store

Digital Wallets

Many people have been following the demonetization cashless. But some Digital Wallets can help you and give an opinion your present location based that where you should be go for shopping, Paytm offers nearby feature, Which it can locate the nearest stores that have been working on the paytm.

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