Digital Marketing A Complete Career Guide

Digital Marketing
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Now the scope of digital marketing has increased. All companies are trying to create their own digital marketing team to increase their online presence, due to the high boom in the e-commerce business.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing can make career

Digital marketing is the marketing of internet, computer and electronic media, You can also call it online marketing, Though ways of traditional and digital marketing, can be different, but the motives are the same To develop greater awareness among customers towards product, There are many opportunities in the field of internet marketing, You can search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, advertising online marketing, Whatever marketing is done in the offline world, now he has joined online marketing too, Internet marketing is one of the jobs that can give big growth.

Work Profile

Digital Marketing

Nowadays, digital marketing specialist has the greatest importance in any company. These are important members of the marketing team. It is the responsibility of creating and maintaining digital marketing materials. For companies Professionals make their branding by creating web banner ads, emails, and websites. For the Internet and Digital Technology create marketing campaigns. Propagated through mobile phones and social media is broadcast. Professionals working in this field should have good communication skills, internet skills, organizational skills, and personal working ability. They should also have good knowledge of direct sales and digital marketing platforms.

Essential skills

Digital marketing

To build a successful career in this field, knowledge must be developed in terms of continuous technical and technology, marketing and digital media. Apart from being creative, good technical skills will also be required. Good knowledge of web design, social media, and web-related software should be in terms of technical skills. You should also have analytical and research skills and leadership qualities.

Available Course

Digital Marketing

A career in Digital Marketing will require a degree or diploma in Marketing, IT, Mass, Advertising, or Sales. Many organizations are doing professional courses like PG Diploma and Executive Diploma in the field of Digital Marketing. If you want to touch the heights in this area, then you should have a good knowledge of all the dimensions of digital marketing.


Digital Marketing

Generally during the course  Advertising Strategy, Social Media Marketing,Marketing Campaign Analysis, Communication Strategy, Technologies, Basic Marketing Concepts, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing.

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Salary package

Digital Marketing

Salary is also excellent in the Digital Marketing field; Rs 25000 per month salary is available. Fresh starters can get a package of 12 million in the beginning, with a few years of experience.


Digital Marketing

To get admission in the Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing, the Students need to be a graduate. For those youth who are graduates in marketing, mass communication, or graphic design, this course can prove to be even more beneficial. However, if all the graduates are qualified, they want to effectively communicate the message to the people, and then do this course.

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Career Prospects

Digital Marketing

The importance of digital marketing is increasing in business. Digital marketing is becoming the best career option for young people with the knowledge of traditional marketing professionals and technology. In this area, there is a rich opportunity for employment as copywriters, storyboard artists, animators, programmers and web designers, campaign managers, online executives, SEO managers, SMO managers, email managers and social media managers. There are many employment opportunities available in the marketing department of Digital Marketing Solutions Companies and Business Organizations. Nowadays social media departments also have the trend. You can also open your marketing company.

Major Institute

Digital Midia

Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan Nai Delhi


SP Jain School of Global Management Mumbai


Institute of marketing communications India, Noida, Delhi, Hyderabad, Vadodara



There are many opportunities in digital marketing agencies and e-commerce companies. There are opportunities in online websites, service providers, and retail companies. Here you can find a job in these positions -Digital marketing manager, content marketing manager, and social media marketing specialist, web designer and app developer, Content Writer, Search Engine Mercator, Inbound Marketing Manager and SEO Executive.

Way to open

It’s easy to launch a website, portal or blog, but the biggest challenge – marketing of websites, portals, or blogs. In this way, the role of online marketing or internet marketing is revealed. Internet marketing companies and consumers connect. Internet marketing is open to the web world, which needs a website blog.


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