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Difference Between the Features of Android and iOS

Written by bheru lal gaderi

Nowadays every kind of phone is coming in the market but some features are unique to Android and iOS devices, so let’s know about such features.




Looking at the smartphone in the early days, there was a clear difference between Android and iOS. Now the situation has changed. Now both the mobile operating systems have got features from each other. Still, there are some features that you can see clearly in the difference between iOS and Android.

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Launcher app


You can customize the interface on Android device. It is possible with the help of all the launchers. However, the IoS device only shows the icon from the uniform method. There has not been any change since the beginning till today.

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You see a close integration between Apple devices and platforms in Apple which does not appear in Google. If the iPhone and the MacBook are running on the latest versions of their operating system, you can also copy paste them between the iPhone and the MacBook.

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Spot light


Talking about the search, Google proves to be a master operator, But surprisingly Apple’s iOS Wide Spot Light Search is better than everything else on Android. Write some words and you get results from the phone’s files on the web, in your contacts, at the nearest location. Google works a bit better but not completely. Apple has a patent for Universal Search. It was used by Apple against Samsung. That’s why Google is lagging behind in this case.

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Smart unlock


Everybody wants to make the smartphone safer for this, lock screen pin code or fingerprint lock is used. But many times you think the smart unlock facility can be made easier. In this case, you can think of better Android devices. For this, on Stock Android, you have to go to the Security and Smart Lok Sections in settings. After this, you can further strengthen your security.

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Default App


The iPhone has been launched for 10 years But still, users can not open links in any other browser than the Safari browser. In the same way, you will need to open By Default emails in mail and pitchers will be opened in the photo. Not so in Android. You can easily change your default browser, SMS client or any other thing.

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Not that every iPhone users have a favorite messaging app is iMessage. But it syncs communication between all Apple products. There is also built in encryption inside the app. These were believed that Google Hangout would be the answer but now Google Alo has come. It works on mobile. It does not turn on by default end to end encryption.

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