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Top 6 Cool Tech Gift for your Kids

Tech Gift
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Finding gifts for your child can be a difficult task when it comes to science and technology related presents and you may need to reconsider how it is going to affect your child’s performance but there’s no need to worry because we have made a list of presents to gift your child helping them productive and also improving their knowledge of science. So let us come to know about Tech Gift.

Tech Gift

  • Ticket to Science Museum

There are two ways in Tech Gift which you can visit science museum either buy a family membership to a science museum or you may visit Natural History Museum which allows free entry visits. In the case of Natural History Museum, one has to be living in London or Washington, DC for Smithsonian but if you live somewhere else than spending money on membership will give you the opportunity to spend more time with your kids while seeing them learning and expand their awareness of the universe.

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  • DIY kits

For parents who want their kids to learn by figuring things out then spending money on Do it Yourself kits is one of the best ways to make your kids teach building, problem-solving, logical thinking and repairing. There are hundreds of kits available in the market each for different purposes like Kaleidoscope kits for astronomy, Arduino-based kits and Piper computer kits for Robotics and functional scale models for learning about scientists.

Tech Gift

There are other options available in the market, for example, monthly subscribing to a service like Little Passports that offers kits directly to your home. It comes all down to finding a kit that interests your child and having a mentor which is going to interact with kids and teach them how to build and repair.

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Jimu Robot Kit

Tech Gift

For robotics fans, UBTECH Jimu Robot Buzzbot and Muttbot Kit which is one of the best robotic kits containing Lego parts and servos which your kid can use to build a robot and then program it. The Control of robot is via an app that can be installed on any Android or iOS device. This Tech Gift is one of the kits that teach your kid patience and logical thinking.

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There is also another option in the market like little bits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Tech Gift Kit that is a lot easier to put together and you can build your own device with the materials provided, Anki Overdrive Starter Kit is for robotics enthusiasts who are interested in building race tracks and cars.

It lets you built your own car race track for races or battle of cars. It can fit up to four cars on each track. You can either play with other players or built-in Artificial Intelligence, SAM Labs also offers Science Museum Inventor Tech Gift Kit which contains a light or tilt sensor, a buzzer, a motor and few other things to make your own gadget.

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The only thing you need to do is program it with software and enjoy, Kano Computer Kit is for gamers who like programming gadgets, it offers build-your-own computer kit that comes with a Raspberry Pi 2 module, a keyboard, a mouse, a speaker and some other parts that you can use to built your own gadget for robot fighting or racing.

  • Gadgets

  • Headphones by Puro Sound Labs

These are normal headphones except it protect your kid from hearing loss by playing soft music and disabling high volumes that can be harmful to ears of young ones.

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  • Tablets

Amazon’s Fire Kid’s edition

Tech Gift

Amazon’s has launched its Fire kid’s edition tablets and Kindle that has a case and a two-year warranty. They are both suitable for kids that are willing to learn something from the internet other than that Kindle has its own app which gives access to thousands of books and built-in software to help expand a kid’s vocabulary. Fire kid’s edition also offers parental control that gives kids the freedom to surf the internet.

  • 3D printer

Tech Gift

New Matter is one of the companies that are improving 3D printers and making it better so that everyone can use it. Teaching your kids how to use 3D printers and make solid objects is a great way to boost their creativity and teaching them how to build 3D objects by these Tech Gift.

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  • Smartphone-controlled bots

Galaxy Zega

Galaxy Zega has come up with a tank design that is quick to construct and it is controlled by an Android or iOS device.

You can build your own battleground together in your living room using this design other than that there are also bots available in the market like Sphero BB-8 app enabled Droid that consists of a super-cute robot that rolls in any direction and Meccano Meccanoid G15 KS Personal Robot that is 4-foot-tall, capable of interacting with kids by mimicking them or responding to their instructions using voice commands.

Thus, these above-mentioned Tech Gift will surely help you find a nice and educational tech present for your children letting them have fun while increasing their knowledge on different fields immensely.

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